10 Office Cleaning Holiday Resolutions

It’s a New Year for businesses, and an opportunity to make New Year’s resolutions that can improve your Wisconsin business or the business of your tenants. And although the first, and most obvious, New Year’s resolutions involve a productivity analysis, or lowering your expenses, the most overlooked resolutions involve organization and cleanliness. This new year, add a new resolution to your list, one that involves one of these key elements that can improve efficiency and manage expenses:

  1. I will take advantage of down time to give my building a deep clean. When your business or tenants are shut down for an extended period or even over night, take advantage of the down time. Give your building a deep clean, or hire a cleaning service to tackle the job. Now is the time to wax and clean floors, clean the blinds, wash the windows, scrub the bathrooms and get a thorough duct cleaning. A deep clean improves the aesthetics and functionality, leaving your tenants satisfied and your building in peak condition.
  2. I will set up a regular cleaning schedule. A daily or weekly clean does have benefits for any commercial building versus a quarterly cleaning schedule. Setting up regular cleaning schedule keeps your office space, hallways and exterior in peak condition instead of having to play catch up on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  3. I will organize the warehouse. Take a day to organize, and inventory, the warehouse. Doing so improves operations and shipping schedules, and allows you to take stock of what you have on hand, what you need to sell and what to order.
  4. I will get that building maintenance done. Preventative building maintenance is one of the most overlooked, and important part, of owning a property. Regular building maintenance can extend the life of your property and driveway, and hold off large replacement expenses. If you can’t keep up with the maintenance your building needs, hire a service that can.
  5. I will do an evaluation to determine if it makes more cents for my business to hire a staff person to clean or a cleaning service. The results might surprise you. Start with a list of cleaning jobs that need to be done. Add together the payroll and benefit expenses of a staff person, and contact a cleaning service for a quote. Give them your list of cleaning jobs that need to be done to get an accurate cost. Compare the two costs, and determine what makes more cents for your business in the long run.
  6. I will get those ceiling tiles replaced. Though it seems counter-intuitive to contact a cleaning service for basic carpentry and maintenance jobs, locate a reputable cleaning service that also does building maintenance and repair. By hiring a service for cleaning and maintenance needs, you have a one-stop shop and single contact for any work that needs to get done.
  7. I will get the bathrooms cleaned and restocked for my tenants on a regular basis. Tired of getting emergency calls about restroom supplies? Boost your business productivity by minimizing interruptions. Hire a cleaning service that can keep the restrooms cleaned and restocked at all your commercial income properties, instead of running around trying to keep up with it yourself.
  8. I will add offices that give staff members space and improve productivity. While your employees may be managing just fine, improve their productivity and the overall productivity of your company by investing in new internal walls that divide and boost efficiency. And while it may be cheaper to build the walls yourself, hire a service to complete the project quickly and efficiently while you run your business.
  9. I will give the floors in the office and warehouse a deep clean. While cleaning your floors sounds like an insignificant part of business, properly maintained flooring lasts longer and keeps business running smoothly. Schedule a time for floor cleaning after business hours or over the weekend to minimize business operations and reduce the risk of liability.
  10. I will give the exterior of my office building the cleaning it deserves. Sick of owning the ugly, moldy building on the block? Hire a cleaning service to give the exterior of your building a fresh, clean look that shows you take pride in your business and customer service.

If you can’t fulfill your organization because of your daily duties as a business owner, contact a cleaning service to keep your building clean and organized throughout the New Year. Choose a service that can get the cleaning and maintenance resolutions done, so you can fulfill those New Year’s resolutions and have a stronger, more efficient business and property for the New Year.

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