10 Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Pets

family with pet dog sitting on sofa after cleaning up after petThere is no doubt that pets leave their mark on our hearts.  Unfortunately, they also can leave their mark on our floors, furniture, and every other part of our home.  If you want to have the pets and a clean home, use these tips for cleaning up after your pets.

  • Clean regularly and use an odor neutralizing spray to rid your home of that “pet smell.”  To make sure the process won’t harm your pets, use all natural ingredients to keep your home smelling pet-free.
  • Wash your pet’s bowls on a regular basis to rid the bowls of any harmful small organisms that can make you and your pet ill.  (Most bowls can be cleaned in the dishwasher.)
  • Put a mat under and around your water and food bowl (especially if you have wood floors) to protect your floors. As an added bonus, it makes cleaning up all the water and food they drop around the bowl easier.
  • If house training isn’t going smoothly and your pet has left your carpet stained and smelling foul, hire a professional carpet cleaner that can give your carpet a deep clean.
  • Give your pet a regular grooming to cut down on all the hair on the furniture, floor, bed, and, well, everywhere.  Use a lint roller and vacuum cleaner to rid your furniture of all the fur.
  • Put a cover over their pet bed that you can wash every week.  Wash their pet bed at least once a month or every two months.
  • Place a mat in front of every door into your home.  Train your pets to stop on the mat so you can clean off their paws after they have been outside.
  • Don’t scrub hard on your carpets when cleaning up after your pet.  Scrubbing can damage the carpet fibers.
  • For small stains, test a small area of your carpet to see if your carpet cleaner is going to leave a stain.  Choose an area that is under a bed or dresser or is in a carpet so your guests don’t notice the discoloration (if any).
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the pros to tackle any deep cleaning tasks you don’t want to take on.  Make sure to ask your cleaning service if your pet needs to be crated or kept in a room while the cleaners are working.

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