11 Areas of Your Home You Never Clean (But Should!)

cleaning supplies for your fall deep cleanEven if you hold the phrase, “cleanliness is next to godliness” near and dear to your heart you’re probably missing some key areas of your home when you clean.  You have two solutions: 1) hire the pros to deep clean your home (we’ve got lots of experience cleaning every part of your home) or 2) use this list to make sure you get these commonly overlooked areas that need cleaning.

Above your cabinets

When some friends of ours moved into their new house, they found a layer of grease above their kitchen cabinets at least an inch thick.  It’s not a surprise, really; most homeowners miss this area when cleaning because it’s not easily accessible or in plain sight (how often do you look up?).  Next time you clean, use a damp cloth to wipe down the tops of your cabinets.  If there is a layer of grease or dust, you can use a cleaner but be careful to avoid discoloration or staining from the wrong cleaner.  Test a small area with your cleaner first before you use it for surface cleaning.

Around the refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator out is a typical part of spring and fall cleaning, but under and over this commonly-used appliance is usually a neglected pile of gross.  Pull your refrigerator out from time to time, and vacuum the back of the refrigerator (it’s good for the life of your refrigerator too!) and underneath.  Finish with a good mopping of the floor, and wipe down the top of the refrigerator for a thoroughly clean appliance.

Under (and over) the wash machine & dryer

The wash machine and dryer in your home may get a lot of use, but the floor underneath and over the machines does not always get a lot of cleaning.  Instead, pull your machines out (carefully, you don’t want to scrape the floors) and give the floor a good sweeping.  Mop down the floor, and wipe down the top of both machines.  Periodically, wipe out your wash machine for an all-around clean.

Behind the toilet

It’s normal to clean the bowl of your toilet.  Unfortunately, under and behind the toilet doesn’t always get the same attention.  Make sure you sweep and wipe down both areas so your bathroom is clean from top to bottom.


The trim in your home catches everything in the air, and is often overlooked during a good cleaning.  Wipe it down from time to time, and use knee pads if you are worried about your knees.

Trash cans

Why would you clean a trash can when it’s going to get dirty again?  A periodic cleaning of the inside and outside can go a long way toward keeping your trash can free from mold and other gross stuff from growing on the interior and exterior.

Light fixtures

Just like we don’t often look up at the top of our cabinets, we assume that our light fixtures and ceiling fans are going to light up and stay clean.  Fact is, our light fixtures tend to accumulate dust—and even an occasional bug (ew)!—-and get pretty nasty over time.  From time to time, disassemble your light fixtures and clean the covers.  For ceiling fans, dust the top of each blade and above the fixture itself.

Above windows & curtain rods

The trim above your windows and curtain rods need a good dusting.  You don’t have to get out the duster daily, but a montly (or bi-monthly) wipe down goes a long way.  As an added bonus, dusting the trim above windows and on curtain rods can decrease the amount of allergens (you may want to wear a mask while dusting if you have allergies).

Over doors

It’s another common oversight: cleaning the trim above your doors.  As long as you are dusting above your windows, take a few minutes to clean off the trim above your doors as well.

Kitchen cabinet doors

We don’t know how—all they do is open and close—but your kitchen cabinet doors attract a lot of dust and grime.    Wipe down and give your kitchen doors a good cleaning; they need it!

Remote control

Your favorite channel surfing device doesn’t attract a lot of attention, but it does get covered in dirt and grease.  Take a few moments to wipe down the remote control, and use a disinfectant to keep germs away (especially when you and your family is sick).

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