11 Tips for a Cleaner House This Summer

happy young family have fun on swimming pool at summer vacationSummer is a time for fun, right?  Not for cleaning your house.  To minimize the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your house, use these tips to keep every room in your home clean—and give you more time for summer fun!


Use door mats and rugs to your advantage. Keep dirt at bay by keeping mats and rugs at every doorway to keep the sand and mud out of your home. If you have pets, check them over at the door for muddy paws and dirt.

Don’t be afraid to live out of bags. Whether you travel or play all summer long, don’t be afraid to stay organized with packed bags for each activity or to keep your items pre-packed in luggage for a quick getaway.

Laundry Room

Have a container ready for wet clothes.  Whether from the pool or an unexpected down pour, expect wet clothes to come in on a regular basis.  Have a system ready to dry them out, wash them, and get them ready for the next round of summer fun.

Organize your laundry room. Dirty shirts and shorts are a part of summer. Ready yourself for those unexpected surprises, and organize your laundry room so you can spot shot as soon as possible.


Train other members of your household to maintain a clean shower. A bit of daily maintenance can go a long way toward saving you from hours of shower and tile scrubbing. Make sure everyone remembers to crack open a window or turn on the fan to prevent mildew and mold from growing. Give your shower door a regular spray-down or a daily squeegee to keep soap scum away.

Wipe down your bathroom counters daily.  Leave a damp cloth near your bathroom counter, and wipe it down every day so you don’t have to scrub down any stains later.


Wash dishes after every meal.  Don’t let your pile of dishes get higher than you.  Wash down your pots and pans on a daily basis to prevent lengthy wash-downs later.

Do a quick wipe down.  Your counters, toaster, microwave…give everything in your kitchen a quick wipe down with a damp cloth.


Pick up your clothes.  Keep your bedroom clutter-free.  Put your clothes into a laundry hamper every night, or—even better—straight into the washer!

Every Room

Don’t be afraid to hire cleaning help. Hiring a home cleaning service does not have to mean that you give up cleaning your house. If you need a cleaning service on days before you entertain, schedule accordingly. Or if you only want a certain room clean, give your cleaning service specific instruction. If you need someone to clean your whole house from top to bottom, there’s nothing wrong with that. Summer is meant to be enjoyed—not spent trying to keep up with a messy house.


Keep the grill and patio clean. Use outside dining to your advantage, which means easy clean up after meals. Use a bucket of water and soap to wash down your patio and furniture. Use a brush to keep your grill ready for another day of grilling.

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