Company Spring Cleaning Tips that Get the Job Done

commercial floors that need to be cleaned in a factoryAt business facilities, spring cleaning is business as normal; it’s an increased list of cleaning and maintenance tasks that need to be completed on top of all the other “normal” business. That doesn’t mean that the extensive list of company spring cleaning doesn’t come with a deadline. Depending on the business, spring can be a crazy time for businesses with fiscal quarters, weather, and an increased to-do list. We’ve put together this list of company spring cleaning tips to help company owners and managers manage the task load and meet deadlines during a very hectic time of year.

Plan ahead

There is some value in thinking ahead. As temperatures start to warm, make a plan for checking items off the list. Schedule vendors for overnight, weekends, or company shutdowns to minimize disruption of operations. For tasks kept inside the company, create a long-term plan with tasks assigned to different employees to manage preventative and spring maintenance.

Strip floors & rugs of outdoor grime

Winter precipitation, salt, and high foot traffic is a combination with negative implications for floors and rugs. In addition to the practical benefits of these surfaces, they also play an integral part in making a positive impression on customers and prevent one of the most common workplace injuries: slips, trips, and falls. A regular floor and rug cleaning can address both of those issues and prevent an additional cost from procrastination. Waiting too long to clean and remove the layers of dirt and grime can add expense to the next floor cleaning, because of the additional effort and supplies needed for cleaning. Get a quote for the floor cleaning as soon as possible so this spring cleaning task can be marked off the list before next spring.

Deep clean frequently used common spaces

Winter in Wisconsin typically tends to be a season with a high occurrence of illnesses that spread through the workplace like wildfire. Those contagious illnesses take a big cut out of the bottom line, and spring and summer allergies can disrupt operations just as severely. The solution is a deep clean that sanitizes kitchens, restrooms, and common areas. Schedule employees for the task during off-hours, or contact a cleaning service to remove germs and allergens.

Tackle outdoor maintenance

Parking lot and grounds maintenance is an essential part of springtime in Wisconsin. Schedule employees for driveway resealing, flower bed clean-up, and other outdoor maintenance tasks or contact a maintenance company or landscaper for the job. With the unpredictability of Wisconsin spring weather, be flexible with scheduling vendors or employees. Always have an indoor plan B in case of inclement weather.

Make preventative maintenance a priority

Preventative maintenance is a task that is not missed until a crisis strikes, such as an IT or machine failure. Maintain a schedule of preventative maintenance tasks that can be done throughout the spring. If preventative maintenance is outsourced, contact vendors to schedule preventative maintenance during off hours or weekends. Operations proceed a significantly more smoothly when IT and machine maintenance is done during off-hours.

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