4 Must-Do Deep Spring Cleaning Projects

cleaning supplies for spring cleaningThe first day of spring is officially here!  While it doesn’t always feel like spring outside, it’s the perfect time of year for some deep cleaning inside.  Even if life gets busy and you don’t have time for any other spring cleaning, make sure you mark these 5 must-do projects off your spring cleaning checklist (or contact the pros to get your spring cleaning done).

Floor Cleaning

Once the snow stops getting tracked in the house, give your floors a good deep clean that’ll get you through to next winter.  Have your carpets professionally deep cleaned, scrub the grout on your tile floors, and mop your wood and laminate floors.  If you have allergies, deep cleaning your floors can also rid your floors of allergens and ease your allergy symptoms.

Appliance Cleaning

Spring is the ideal time to clean out your refrigerator, clean behind your refrigerator, clean your ovens, wipe down your stove top, and clean behind your stove.  If you have a dishwasher, consider adding a good wipe down of the interior and exterior of your appliance to the list.  If you haven’t already, clean the inside and outside of your microwave so you’re not embarrassed by your dirty microwave come summer.

Bathroom Deep Clean

Spring is the time to get done all the projects you haven’t done in your weekly bathroom cleans.  Give your bathroom shower a deep clean, scrub down all the grout lines in the bathroom, wipe down shower doors, wash your tub out, and give your toilet a good once over.  Finish the job by deep cleaning your floor and dusting the trim and ceiling.

Dusting & cleaning your fans, duct covers and ceiling

This might be the shortest spring cleaning deep clean project you have—and one of the most noticeable.  Let’s put it this way: they won’t notice all the cobwebs and dust missing, but they would certainly notice if they were there.  Dust off the top of your fans, clean your light covers, wash your cold and hot air return covers, and remove all the cobwebs from your corners.  If just the thought of this task makes you sneeze, hire the professionals to get it marked off your spring cleaning checklist.

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