4 Reasons Why It Makes Cents to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

We’ve written about the decision about whether to outsource cleaning your business in a past blog post, but this time we’re addressing a more basic question: why should you hire a cleaning service for your business? The answer to the question is more complicated than just having a clean business, and can also have a surprising, positive impact on your bottom line.

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No one walks into a business expecting it to be dirty, but plenty of potential customers walk out because of it. The condition of your business can be the difference between landing and keeping your customers, and missing out on another sale.

Another reason to hire a cleaning service? For the exterior of your business—if you hire a cleaning service than does parking lot and exterior maintenance as well. Curb appeal counts when customers stroll or drive by and form an impression of your business.


Dust piles up, water spills on the floor, mold grows in an unkept kitchen. Though these issues may seem minor, the impact on the health of your employees and customers can be a lawsuit or worker’s comp claim waiting to happen. This can be especially true for employees with pre-existing health conditions, such as allergies and respiratory conditions. Being proactive about maintaining a clean facility can save you a lot of headaches in the long run, and a lot of money from an unsafe work environment.

Employee Productivity

A clean work environment is a productive workplace, free of the clutter and distractions that slow down employee productivity. It’s also a workplace that keeps germs away, lessening the amount of employee sick days. This can be especially true when your business has turned into a Petri dish of germs, and is spreading from employee to employee (and from desk to desk). A commercial cleaning service can head off the bug before it takes down half your workforce with a thorough disinfection and regular cleaning.

A commercial cleaning service also has an impact on your business’ productivity by keeping your employees focused on what you hired them for: their job. If you hired a manager to manage, you don’t want them to be cleaning bathrooms—it’s a waste of money and expertise. Help your employees stay focused on customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Long-term building condition

If you own your buildings, or are responsible for their upkeep, a commercial cleaning service—especially a service that does interior and exterior maintenance work—can save you thousands over the long-term life of your facility. Simply put, regular maintenance can extend the life of your interior and exterior systems and keep your building in peak condition. They can do the same for your parking lot, sidewalks and other surfaces that need maintenance to ward off complete replacement.

Want to find out how much the benefits of a commercial cleaning service cost? Use our recent blog post to choose the right cleaning service for your business. If you’re past the selection process, and ready to get numbers, contact us. Our cleaning service can give you all these benefits on a schedule you specify at a price within your budget, and you get all the benefits of a clean workplace.

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