4 Things to Look for In Your Home Cleaner

happy family in clean house cleaned by home cleanerYou’re overwhelmed. Your schedule is too busy. You’re barely home. You want to spend quality time with your kids not cleaning. There are a million reasons to look for a home cleaner to help with cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms, or doing your laundry. Whatever home cleaning you need, don’t hire a home cleaner without using this list to hire the best home cleaner for your cleaning tasks.


Your home cleaner should be able to come on a schedule you specify to do the cleaning tasks you request.  If you have a limited availability, consider hiring a cleaning service which typically has more cleaners and, therefore, more availability to clean your home on your schedule.

Back-up cleaners

Consider those “just-in-case” scenarios when looking for a home cleaner. What happens when your home cleaner gets sick—or their kids get sick, or they are called away for an emergency? What do you do if your cleaner goes on vacation for two weeks during your kids’ birthday party? Ask your home cleaners about their contingency plan for those “just-in-case” scenarios.


To find out if home cleaning services is within your budget, contact the cleaners or cleaning service for a free quote.  If the quote comes back higher than anticipated, adjust your list of cleaning services to try to bring the price within your home budget.


Whether you use an individual or a cleaning service, ask for proof of insurance—and be prepared to turn away any home cleaner that cannot provide one.  Don’t take no for an answer; proof of insurance is important in case of accidental damage to your home or your possessions.  Every cleaning service you contact should be able to provide proof, as this is a routine part of business; follow their lead and use it as a key part of hiring a home cleaner.

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