4 Tips for Keeping Your Business Clean on a Budget

office that was kept clean on a budgetThere are a lot of compelling reasons to keep your business clean: employee productivity, reducing sick days, customer impressions of your business. Getting all those benefits can be a challenge on a small business budget, but the effort to keep your business clean on a budget is possible if you follow a few simple tips to keep your cleaning budget on course.

Involve your employees

To be clear: you don’t want your employees cleaning constantly instead of doing their jobs, but you can empower your employees to be an integral part of keeping your business clean. Lead the effort by setting a stellar example, and craft a clear plan to maintain your exterior and interior cleanliness. Once you’ve made a plan to keep your business clean, designate specific cleaning tasks to the appropriate departments and employees. Be very clear about who is the responsible party for each cleaning task so they are held accountable, and why the cleaning task needs to be accomplished on a regular basis. Make the initiative a company-wide effort.

Concentrate your cleaning budget on key areas

If your cleaning budget is tight, focus on key areas of your building: restrooms, entry way, kitchen, production floor—whatever area of your building is used often or is seen by clients and vendors. Schedule regular deep cleanings so you don’t get so far behind on your cleaning that you have to spend additional dollars to get your building clean.

Don’t just worry about the inside

No matter how tight your budget, cleanliness is not just about first impressions but about protecting yourself. Allocate part of your budget for keeping your parking lot and building exterior clean and kept to protect yourself from legal action in case of an accident. If you want to consolidate your expenses, hire a cleaning company that can handle your interior and exterior maintenance.

Hire a cleaning service during your off hours

We’ve given you tips to select the right company for your cleaning needs in a past blog post. Once you’ve established your criteria, contact a cleaning company that fits your needs (and your cleaning budget) for a free quote. To ensure that your business operations are not interrupted, request that all cleaning happen when you have a light staff on hand or when your business is empty.

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