4 Tips to Keep Your Workplace Floors Clean

commercial flooring in an officeWe all try to keep our floors clean, at home and at work, but company floors in the workplace carry extra risk: slippery floors are a liability risk that could result in workman compensation claims and lawsuits—among other solid reasons to keep your facility floors clean.

Use rugs

Locate rugs by all exterior entrances to keep mud, sand, and other abrasive elements off your facility floors.  Hire a rug cleaning service to clean the rugs and get rid of everything on those rugs.  Rugs also have another benefit: they keep water off of warehouse, office, and facility floors and reduce the chance of workplace falls and injuries.

Know your cleaning supplies

Be conscientious of risks to your employees when selecting your floor cleaning supplies. Implement safety procedures and educate your personnel about proper use of the cleaners and avoiding injury while cleaning facility floors.  Keep personal protective equipment in convenient locations for employees that use cleaning supplies that could cause injury.

Bring in the experts

To eliminate risk and still get clean workplace floors, contact a reliable, experienced commercial cleaning company with optimal dates and times.  A good cleaning company can meet your time frame when employees are not on the floor (i.e. overnight, early morning, late evening, etc) and leave you with a clean floor you’ll be proud to show off—and limits the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

Don’t wait too long

In some cases, waiting too long to clean commercial flooring can lead to an unintended consequence: extra expense.  Over time, the build-up of dirt and grime can lead to an increased amount of labor to get your floors back in peak condition.  Put simply, if you wait too long, you may need extra labor, time, and cleaning supplies to take your floors back to their original condition.  All that effort, and supplies, can cost your company extra money and interrupt daily operations.

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