5 Holiday Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Holiday cleaning can get lost in a huge list of holiday to-dos—which is why this list of holiday cleaning tips can be a real life-saver! This list of holiday cleaning hacks gets your house cleaner FASTER—and eliminates unnecessary cleaning (like cleaning the same area over and over).

Before you start frantically cleaning, it’s important to make a list of holiday cleaning tasks. This makes it easy to divide the cleaning up with a family member (or cleaning service)—and to make sure you have it all done. If that last part—done—-sounds really good, roll up your sleeves and get ready to use these holiday cleaning hacks.

Clean from the ceiling down.

Dust falls downward—and so do crumbs and anything else sitting on cabinets, ceiling fans, shelves, and countertops. If you want to keep from cleaning those surfaces over and over, start at the top of the room and work your way down. In rooms with a ceiling fan, that means cleaning the ceiling first and then wiping and dusting all the surfaces below it.

Put all your cleaners in a tote.

One of the biggest wastes of time during home cleaning is the constant treks back and forth for cleaning supplies. To make the process faster, put all your home cleaners into a tote or container that you can carry from room to room. This can be especially helpful when cleaning all your bathrooms; you can just take the cleaners along without running back for cleaners or cleaning supplies.

Add rugs by all the doors to keep floors clean.

Admittedly, this holiday cleaning tip doesn’t help you get your house clean faster—but it does help for after holiday cleanings! After cleaning floors, put down rugs by every exterior door and in hallways. This simple cleaning step prevents mud, snow, and gravel from being tracked in—and makes it easier to clean floors after all your guests leave. For any other holiday gathering cleaning emergencies, strategically place cleaning cloths and cleaners within easy reach.

Clean windows when it ISN’T sunny.

Everyone loves to admire a clean, shiny window in the glowing sunshine, but that age-old cleaning tip may actually lead to more window cleaning (and elbow grease). Cleaning windows in the sunshine can actually dry the cleaner out quickly, leaving streaks and marks in the process. Instead, save your window cleaning for a grey time when you can wash windows without feeling like you are in a race against the sun (and you don’t have to clean it again).

Hire a holiday cleaning service.

When the clock is ticking down, it’s okay to bring in a holiday cleaning service. You don’t even have to tell anyone! If your holiday to-do list is getting longer, contact a local cleaning service to schedule a before-holiday home cleaning. (You can also schedule an after-holiday home cleaning if you want a break!)

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