6 Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe(r)

yellow caution sign that says "Caution wet floor" part of a safe workplaceNo one expects to go to work and get hurt.  While it’s inevitable that some injuries or illnesses happen on the job—no matter what you do—there are steps you can take as an owner, facility manager, or supervisor to keep your employees safe.

Eliminate hazards

Remove hazards on the job that can cause the most common workplace injuries.  For example, slips and trips are one of the most frequent injuries on the job.  Keep your floors clean and use proper signage to indicate slippery areas—or outsource your facility maintenance to a company that can.

Keep them well

One case of flu or a stray cold can spread through a workplace like wild fire.  Stock cleaning wipes so employees can clean their computers and other electronics—especially when an illness is going through the building. Keep dish soap on hand for cleaning lunch plates and silverware.  For a thorough workplace sanitation, hire a crew that can do a deep clean during off hours.

Lean on expert advice

If you have any questions about workplace safety, don’t be afraid to consult the experts to make sure your workplace is safe.  An outside pair of eyes can often spot workplace hazards that you don’t see because you are familiar with your facilities.

Know your products

All products around your company need to be marked with instruction given on how to handle them properly.  Most companies do this for the most hazardous workplace products, but overlook more “ordinary” products.  For example, if you stock any cleaning supplies that can injure your employees if not used properly, establish and train your employees in protocols to avoid any workplace accidents.

Keep protective equipment readily available

If you want to protect your employees, provide protective equipment such as gloves, helmets, and gloves in areas that are easily accessible to your employees.  Provide training so they know where to find the gear and how to use it.

Don’t stop

Workplace safety is an on-going process, so continue to look for ways to protect your employees.  One of the most elementary ways to keep your workplace safe is to keep it clean.  As you delve into all the ways you can protect your employees, decide whether you should outsource your efforts or use employees to establish a safe and healthy workplace.

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