7 Spring Organization Tips that’ll Get the Job Done

stack of colorful boxes used for spring organization and cleaningSpring is in the air, and so is our urge to get our homes in order.  If you’re just itching to tackle your home spring organization, but am completely overwhelmed at the amount of work that needs to be done, use these organization tips from the pros.

  1. Don’t tackle all your spring organization at once. Plan to get a little bit done every day.  Make a to-do list for every day, and check off each job as you get it done.
  2. Keep your eye on the goal. Don’t forget why you’re organizing in the first place: so you have a clean, clutter-free home that is easier to work and play in.  If you’re more organized, it’s easier to find items, move (if you’re considering it), and keep your household schedule.
  3. Take it room by room. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you’re spring organization doesn’t need to be done all at once.  If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of work, break it down.  Tackle your spring organization room by room, list by list, until the job is done.
  4. Turn your pile into piles. Go through the pile, and sort. For example, create a pile of “office supplies,” another pile of “outgrown clothes” and a third pile of “don’t need anymore.”
  5. Invest in shelving and boxes. Create an organization system that works for you—whether it’s a series of drawers, containers, shelves or an armoire where you can keep things (cleanly, not in piles).
  6. Have a plan for items you don’t need any more. Give away, sell (rummage sale anyone?), donate your unwanted stuff, especially items that don’t fit, don’t get used, or won’t get used any time soon—including furniture. If you donate to a charitable organization, keep a record of the items you donate for a possible tax deduction next year.
  7. Hire pros to take on cleaning and organizing. If you have asthma and can’t handle the dust, a bad back, or don’t have the time, hire a cleaning service to take on your spring cleaning and organization project so you can start enjoying the beautiful weather—and the benefits of an organized home.

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