8 Signs it’s Time to Hire Hoarding Cleanup Services in Jefferson

Projections show that the global cleaning services market will reach a value of $111.5 billion by 2030.

Professional cleaning services can be useful in a range of situations. Generally, when things decline to a certain point, it becomes unrealistic to take care of them yourself. Hoarding is a typical example.

When hoarding gets out of control, it can escalate into a serious situation. At this point, you’ll need the help of professional hoarding cleanup services.

So how do you know when it’s time to call in the professionals? Keep reading to find out.

1. Too Much Mess for You to Handle Alone

Keeping a home clean isn’t the hardest thing to do, but when left unchecked, things can quickly get more difficult. By hoarding too much and letting it build up, you could end up in a situation that’s too much for you to deal with on your own.

If you know there’s too much work for you to do, hiring professional hoarding cleaning services could be the best solution. ZBM can handle any cleaning job in the Dodge and Jefferson Counties of Wisconsin, no matter how large.

2. Potential Biohazard Contamination

Hoarding can create issues beyond just mess. Dirt and debris can collect in areas that aren’t often disturbed, which can lead to large amounts of bacteria breeding in these spots. This can come from things like:

  • Living/dead animals
  • Feces
  • Urine
  • Fungus

When cleaning, you’ll be disturbing these and releasing them into the air. This can be very dangerous if you’re unprepared and don’t have the right safety equipment. At ZBM, our team is fully trained to handle these situations, so you won’t have to worry about risking your health.

3. Pests and Rodents

Some types of clutter can create a suitable home for small pests and rodents, especially if left for a long time. Rotting food and decomposing material will attract these more. Things like rats, flies, and cockroaches can make a home on your property, increasing the risk of diseases spreading.

To get rid of these, you’ll need to perform a fumigation exercise, which isn’t something you can do alone. Only a licensed company can conduct fumigation, so you’ll need a professional service to get this done. 

4. Mold Growth

When hoarding gets bad, it can restrict airflow through a building. This in turn can lead to rapid mold growth.

What’s worse is that the more mess there is, the harder it can be to locate mold. Water intrusion can also go unnoticed, which can produce mold and even affect the structural integrity of a building.

Professional cleaning services like ZBM can handle clutter removal and any other cleaning processes that follow, including the removal of mold. You may then need building restoration services to deal with any damage. ZBM may well be able to help with this as well.

5. Risk of Physical Injury

One of the more obvious issues with hoarding is the risk of physical injury. Items laying about on the floor and interfering with walkways are clear trip hazards. In bad cases, items may be stacked up high, and it’s typical for these stacks to be quite unstable.

There’s a risk of this falling onto someone, which could cause quite a severe injury. Depending on the items being hoarded, there could be a lot of heavy objects, further increasing the risk. Lifting these on your own isn’t a good idea, so getting help from a professional company is highly recommended.

6. The Need for Advanced Equipment and Supplies

Hoarding cleanup is physically demanding and can take a long time. On top of that, it will only be efficient if you have the right equipment and supplies. You’ll likely have some basic equipment that may be fine for day-to-day cleaning, but you probably don’t have anything as specialized as a professional cleaning company.

Professional cleaning companies already have all the equipment needed to handle any task. At ZBM, we maintain high-quality specialized equipment so that we’re ready to take on the even biggest jobs. Whether it’s hoarding cleanup, building maintenance, window/blind cleaning, or something else, we’ve got everything you need.

However big your commercial property is, and whatever needs to be done, if it’s in Dodge or Jefferson County, we can handle it.

7. Things Are Going Missing

One of the main reasons hoarding situations get out of hand is because people don’t realize they’re doing it until it’s too late. Something that you might notice as it’s getting worse is that things are going missing.

If your business is organized, you should be able to locate items at any time. When hoarding gets too bad, however, you can easily lose track of things, and locating specific items among the mess can be almost impossible.

Fortunately, if you contact ZBM early on, we may be able to help you before things get too bad. This can prevent issues like mold or pests from building up.

8. Strained Relationships

Hoarders often let things get worse as they have no issue with the situation. Those around them, however, might not be as accepting. This can cause strain in relationships as people become unhappy with the way the hoarder is dealing with things.

In almost all cases, those trying to get the hoarding under control are just doing it to help. Hiring a service like ZBM is an effective way to manage the mess professionally, giving positive results that can help maintain relationships.

Hoarding Cleanup Services in Dodge and Jefferson County

Hoarding can quickly become a major problem, and the longer things are left, the worse they get. Keep an eye out for the above signs, and if you notice them, it might be time to give ZBM a call.

We provide hoarding cleanup services as well as other cleaning services throughout Dodge and Jefferson County, Wisconsin. If you have any questions about our services, click here to contact us today.

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