Back-to-School Cleaning Checklist

Smiling schoolboy with backpack ready for back to school looking at cameraIt’s almost time for back to school! School supplies are bought, backpacks are ready, and…(don’t tell the kids)…summer is coming to an end. The days are running short for back-to-school cleaning, starting with “ground zero,” the mudroom. That’s why we’ve put together a checklist that helps you get through your back-to-school cleaning quickly and efficiently.


___Clean the floor.

___Add an organizer for shoes.

___Clean hooks for backpacks and gear.

___ Dust shelves.

___Clean the closet and organize.

___Clean off shelves and floor in closet.

___Wash or vacuum cubbies or buckets.

Laundry room

___Clean the floor.

___Dust shelves.

___Wash down tops of machines and counters.

___Clean out washing machine drum.

___Prepare area for stain removal.

___Vacuum behind washer and dryer.

___Clean out lint trap.

___Wash cloth hampers.


___Organize school lunch supplies.

___Wash school lunchboxes.

___Clean counters.

___Wipe down “command center.”

___Clean the floor.

___Dispose of last year’s papers (calendars, practice schedules, etc.) and replace with this year’s.

___Clean out pantry.

Homework area

___Clean the floor.

___Reorganize for this year’s homework.

___Revamp school supplies in homework area.


___Vacuum floors.

___Remove clothes that don’t fit from dressers.

___Organize closet and school shoes.

___Dust dressers.

___Wash bedding.

___Wipe down clothes hampers.

If you don’t have time to give your home a deep clean, schedule a deep clean soon—before your kids are heading out the door with their backpacks.

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