Benefits of Outsourcing Your Office Cleaning and Maintenance

As a manager, improving the bottom line of your business is a process that continually evolves. Which vendor is most cost-effective? Should we outsource or produce this service in house? We found this interesting article in Forbes about making the decision to outsource, and are applying this to one of the most common business questions: should you outsource your office cleaning and maintenance? To make your decision, consider the factors associated with outsourcing your office cleaning and maintenance:

Cost. Do your research when assigning cleaning to a staff member in addition to their other jobs. Can you hire a cleaning service for cheaper? Is your staff member spending more time cleaning than working on tasks you need done for customers or smooth operations? A full evaluation of your staffing needs, and analysis of your financial resources, can prove that you are paying more for that staff member to clean than the cost of a cleaning service. The second part of this myth is that hiring a cleaning employee specifically for that purpose is not always cheaper. As a business owner, do your research. Often, the cost of salary and benefits exceeds the expense of a cleaning service.

Cleaning services can do more than only clean. Many commercial cleaning services offer business maintenance services as well. For example, commercial cleaning services offer services such as parking lot maintenance, building exterior clean up, fixing and repairing HVAC units, installing new interior and exterior doors and repair jobs throughout your warehouse or office.

You can still use green products. ZBM professional office cleaning technicians are trained in traditional and earth-friendly practices and the use of advanced eco-friendly products and equipment to provide a variety of janitorial and building maintenance services. If your business is trying to reduce your impact on the environment, you can still hire a commercial cleaning service.

Should you outsource your office cleaning and maintenance? The decision is up to you as a business manager. What are the costs of hiring employees for your cleaning and maintenance vs. outsourcing? Do you have more needs for services outside of the skill sets of your employees (maintenance, construction, etc.)? Is it cost prohibitive to buy supplies for cleaning and maintenance vs. an outside company with the supplies? Do you only need cleaning and maintenance services on a part-time basis? Research and gather information from your local cleaning company when deciding whether to outsource. The numbers, and information, can help you decide whether outsourcing is a better option for your company.

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