5 Building Maintenance Services to Outsource

Building maintenance services are an integral part of property management, and one area where companies can think out of the box. Outsourcing building maintenance services can actually save companies significant staffing and labor costs.

A hybrid approach to facility services allows many Wisconsin companies to maintain both value and function, and limits breakdowns that interrupt productivity. If not doing so already, companies can benefit from outsourcing many regular building maintenance services.

Janitorial Services

The list of janitorial services varies widely among companies. Before contacting a local cleaning and maintenance company, facility managers should evaluate and make a list of janitorial services needed at the company. The list could include restroom cleaning, office kitchen cleaning, and other key cleaning services.

Many cleaning companies also provide day porter services, which are useful during and after company events. The main benefit of outsourcing janitorial services is that it allows companies to bring in cleaning crews during the evening or overnight. This schedule minimizes interruptions to employee productivity.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Wisconsin winters and springs are very hard on parking lot surfaces. Over time, seasonal conditions break down the material, causing pot holes and cracks. Uneven surfaces can cause damage to company vehicles and employees, incurring significant long-term costs.

Parking lot maintenance should be done during times when traffic is low. Many commercial cleaning and building maintenance services offer parking lot maintenance, allowing companies to utilize the company for multiple needs.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitation

Deep cleaning and sanitation are important year-round, but especially during the flu and cold season. A disinfection goes a step beyond cleaning, using cleaners that reduce and remove germs in the facility. Because disinfecting involves most surfaces and rooms, a full-facility disinfection should be done when staffing is low. Facility managers can contact local cleaning services that can clean overnight or over the weekends.

Floor Cleaning

Stripping and waxing floors is an essential part of extending the life of flooring, removing built-up grime, and reducing the risk of slips and injury. Carpets should be shampooed on a regular schedule to maintain air quality. Floor cleaning should be done at least annually and more often at companies where there is heavy traffic.

Unfortunately, a deep floor cleaning interrupts productivity, which is why it makes sense to contact a commercial cleaning service. A service can get the work done when employees are at home and reduce the overtime costs associated with using employees at night or on the weekend.

Light Bulb Maintenance

Light bulb maintenance may seem like a minor task on the list of building maintenance services. However, proper lighting is a key component in keeping employees safe and maintaining productivity. Lighting can also be a safety matter, especially in exit lighting and safety fixtures. This building maintenance service is also best done during off-hours, which is why it is often profitable for companies to outsource building maintenance services.

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