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Five Reasons Why Regular Commercial Cleaning is Critica

When it comes to your office space or commercial location, cleanliness is often the first thing that people notice when they walk in. For this reason, it is important to have a clean space in order to give the right impression.  Commercial cleaning can go a long way when it comes to creating an enjoyable

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What to Expect From Medical Clinic Cleaning Services

Dodge County, WI, now has a population of almost 90,000. Everyone in the county, as well as people from surrounding areas, need medical care. And all of these clinics need specialist cleaning services to help keep them ticking over.  Cleaning services are the backbone of medical services since an improperly cleaned practice could be at

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Commercial Facilities: 8 Essential COVID-19 Cleaning Tips

COVID-19, or Coronavirus, can have serious implications on Wisconsin business operations and employee health and safety, making COVID-19 cleaning a top priority for facility managers. Even when the amount of COVID-19 cases in a Wisconsin county are on the decline, a few positive tests at a business can shut down a commercial facility. COVID-19 cleaning

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Common Commercial Floor Cleaning Questions Answered

Commercial floor cleaning is the bread and butter of facility maintenance, and one of the most essential cleaning tasks. No matter what the time of year (and in Wisconsin, we do track in four seasons of mud and grime), there is always a reason to schedule a floor cleaning—and ask all the questions that come

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Outsource versus in-house: What option is right for your company cleaning?

Every company manager has to answer the question at some point: “should our company hire an employee or cleaning crew for our facility?”  As tempting as it might be to answer with “well, we’ve always done it this way,” the question should be analyzed and reviewed on a regular basis to determine which cleaning solution

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