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20+ Office Cleaning Tasks that Don’t Get Done

Our workplaces are full of furniture and spaces that we pass and use every day, but often don’t make the list for regular office cleanings. While these areas may seem like no big deal, the truth of the matter is that these spaces are often hot beds for germs and allergens. Since employee sick days

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Common Commercial Floor Cleaning Questions Answered

Commercial floor cleaning is the bread and butter of facility maintenance, and one of the most essential cleaning tasks. No matter what the time of year (and in Wisconsin, we do track in four seasons of mud and grime), there is always a reason to schedule a floor cleaning—and ask all the questions that come

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Commercial Floor Maintenance Tips

Commercial floor maintenance may not be at the top of your facility maintenance list, but it’s important for the health of your business and everyone in it. Use these tips to get your business floors clean, and keep them that way. Use industrial rugs to your advantage. If you want to keep all the debris

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