Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services FAQs

Commercial carpet cleaning services are a convenient cleaning solution and an excellent source of information for carpet care and maintenance. Especially during winter months, it can difficult to keep commercial carpets clean, especially in high-traffic areas. However, the answers to these commercial carpet cleaning services frequently asked question can give business owner and managers the information needed to keep carpets in good condition for a long time.

What are the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning?

First of all, it’s important to clear up a common misconception about commercial carpet cleaning. Though there is a commercial cleaning cost, a deep carpet clean can actually save a company money over the life of the carpeting. A commercial cleaning cost extends the life of commercial carpeting so they company doesn’t have to pay for frequent flooring replacements. It also reduces the amount of allergens in the carpet, which contributes to a healthy workplace and minimizes employee sick days.

This is a full list of the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning:

  • Removes built-up grime and allergens
  • Extends the life of commercial carpeting
  • Increases property value
  • Creates a favorable impression with customers and visitors
  • Maintains productivity with minimal interruptions (when the commercial carpet cleaning is scheduled after-hours or during a company shutdown)

How often should carpets be cleaned?

Unfortunately, there is no set answer to how often a commercial carpet cleaning should be scheduled. The answer depends on the amount of traffic in the space and the frequency of use. Carpets in high-traffic spaces and/or near exterior doors should be cleaned at least once a month. During winter, carpet cleaning may need to be done more frequently because tracked-in salt stains and damages carpets. Carpets in less-frequented areas, such as conference rooms or private offices, can be cleaned less frequently, typically every three to six months.

How much does a commercial carpet cleaning cost? How long does a commercial carpet cleaning machine take?

The length of the commercial carpet cleaning depends on the size of the space and the amount of rooms cleaned. Companies should contact a local commercial floor cleaning company for the expected length of the service and a commercial carpet cleaning cost calculator. To minimize interruptions in productivity, company owners and managers can request that the commercial carpeting services perform the cleaning during off-hours or during a company shut down.

What can businesses do to keep commercial carpets clean and minimize carpet stains?

There are a number of steps companies can take to protect commercial carpets between cleaning:

  • Use plastic covers to minimize wear and tear from office chairs
  • Place mats near exterior doors and area rugs in high-traffic areas (i.e. hallways, conference rooms, etc.)
  • Maintain a regular schedule of vacuuming (at least once a day, more often in frequently-used spaces)
  • Always schedule a commercial carpet cleaning
  • Promptly clean up spills with a manufacturer-approved carpet cleaner

What commercial carpet cleaning services are available near me?

Scheduling a commercial carpet cleaning with a local commercial floor cleaning service comes with a number of benefits. Commercial carpet cleaning services work around the customer’s schedule and can do a cleaning after-hours or during a company shut-down, minimizing productivity interruptions. Companies do not need to purchase equipment or research the right carpet cleaners for the floor, which costs money and time.

Companies can choose a local commercial carpet cleaning service by making a list of floor cleaning needs. The next step is to research local commercial cleaning services and select an experienced cleaning company with many satisfied clients. Finally, the company owner or manager can contact commercial carpet cleaning services, request a free quote, and schedule a cleaning at a convenient time.

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