How to Hire a Commercial Restroom Cleaning Service

Hiring a commercial restroom cleaning service is an essential part in keeping company restrooms clean and presentable. Commercial restroom cleaning services are flexible enough to clean company restrooms and rental property bathrooms during low staffing times (i.e. overnight or weekends) and often cost less than hiring additional staff. In addition, the result (a clean restroom) plays a key part in employees’ and guests’ impression of a business.

A commercial restroom cleaning service is also a flexible arrangement, allowing companies to bring in cleaners as often as needed. The arrangement can be regular or on as-needed basis. Many local commercial restroom cleaning services also offer day porter services for company events. Fortunately, hiring a commercial restroom service isn’t overly complicated, but it is a multi-step process.

Evaluate company needs.

The first step is to evaluate company needs and make a list of restroom cleaning tasks (or ask for a quote based on a standard restroom cleaning). Company managers should also determine the optimal time for cleaning, how often restroom cleaning is needed, if the company or cleaning service needs to provide cleaning supplies, and if the service (or company) should restroom supplies (i.e. toilet paper, paper towel, etc.) If a restroom sanitization is needed, companies should indicate this need and how often it needs to be performed.

Research local commercial restroom cleaning services.

Much of the vetting of commercial cleaning services can be done online, but must go beyond searching for local commercial cleaners. When researching commercial cleaning services, browse through online reviews and websites for favorable ratings from other customers. This simple effort can help companies avoid amateur cleaners that may lack availability, quality staffing, and insurance.

If additional services are required, managers should look for companies that provide a wide variety of services. Some commercial cleaning companies provide day porter services, disinfections, floor cleaning, and maintenance, giving companies the opportunity to utilize one service to meet many of their needs.  

Interview cleaning companies.

Once the list of commercial cleaning services has been narrowed, it’s time to contact cleaning services and ask key questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can you provide references from other companies?
  • Who would I contact about any issues?
  • Do you do background checks on your cleaners?
  • Can you clean restrooms during the evening or overnight hours?
  • Do you carry insurance?
  • Do you provide the cleaning products? Are disinfection products included in the restroom sanitization?
  • Does your service restock restroom supplies? (If needed.)
  • Can you provide a quote?

This part of the process is fairly straightforward and efficient. Companies should set a clear deadline for quotes and set aside time to review the quote and contract fine print.

Review the contract.

The final step is to review the contract fine print. Company standard operating procedures dictate whether company legal counsel is involved in the process. When the process is complete, clear expectations should be set with the company so the relationship and work performed is mutually beneficial.

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