Company Shut Down Maintenance Checklist

employee in factoryThe holidays are a slow time at most businesses; it’s also an opportunity to get maintenance done that can’t be performed during normal business hours.

___ IT maintenance

The optimal time for maintenance is when your company staff are not sending e-mails or utilizing your company internet. Send out messages to your employees about scheduled e-mail shutdowns and other service interruptions so they can prepare for the scheduled maintenance.

___Clean floors

To avoid productivity interruptions during normal business hours, schedule a professional floor clean of all your company floors. Ask maintenance staff to come in and clean every facility floor, or outsource a full company floor clean to a local cleaning company. A deep clean now can prevent premature wear and tear, play a key role in preventing employees’ slips and falls, and save funds that would be allocated to multiple deep cleanings from built-up grime.

___Restroom deep cleaning & repairs

To keep your employees safe and your facilities in good repair, take advantage of an empty facility to schedule a deep clean of the restroom. If the restroom needs any repair, contact a company that can perform the cleaning and repairs so your employees can come back to work to clean restrooms.

___Machine Preventative Maintenance

If you use machinery for daily operations, down times are ideal time for preventative maintenance while they are not needed for production. Perform fluid changes, cleanings, and any other maintenance that can’t be done when the machines are running.


The best time to tackle light remodeling projects is when office and manufacturing spaces are empty. All the projects (i.e. replacing ceiling tiles, fixing drywall patches, minor HVAC repairs) on the company to-do list can be completed when staff members are gone and not disturbed by the dust and noise. If you don’t want to bring in maintenance employees and pay for additional time, contact a cleaning and maintenance company that can get the projects started and completed by the time staff members are back at their desks and machines.

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