Cracking Commercial Cleaning Service Myths

Commercial cleaning is a term associated with myths about almost every aspect of the industry: pricing, the scope of work and processes used by professional cleaning technicians. However, a clean business for your customers and employees is important, and so invaluable that it’s worth cracking those commercial cleaning service myths one by one:

An employee cleaning your business is cheaper. This myth is not always true, and in two different respects. Do your research when assigning cleaning a staff member in addition to their other jobs. Can you hire a cleaning service for cheaper? Is your staff member spending more time cleaning than working on tasks you need done for customers or smooth operations? A full evaluation of your staffing needs, and analysis of your financial resources, can prove that you are paying more for that staff member to clean than the cost of a cleaning service. The second part of this myth is that hiring a cleaning employee specifically for that purpose is not always cheaper. As a business owner, do your research. Often, the cost of salary and benefits exceeds the expense of a cleaning service.

Cleaning services only clean. Though this myth sounds obviously correct, the answer is surprisingly different. Many commercial cleaning services offer business maintenance services as well. For example, commercial cleaning services offer services such as parking lot maintenance, building exterior clean up and repair jobs throughout your warehouse or office.

Businesses have to supply the cleaning products. This myth is right and wrong. Though some businesses do supply their own cleaning products for professional cleaners, businesses can also opt to have the cost of cleaning products included in the cleaning service. In addition, businesses can also choose to hire the cleaners to restock products in restrooms and kitchens as well.

Commercial Cleaning Services don’t use green products. Absolutely untrue. ZBM professional office cleaning technicians are trained in traditional and earth-friendly practices and the use of advanced eco-friendly products and equipment to provide a variety of janitorial and building maintenance services. If your business is trying to reduce your impact on the environment, you can still hire a commercial cleaning service.

One more myth to crack: commercial cleaning services can also clean tenants’ office spaces and multiple business locations, not just one location or building. The truth is that commercial cleaning is dependent on your business: professional cleaning technicians come into your business on a schedule you specify to do the services your business needs for a cost that fits within your budget.

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