7 Questions to Ask a Wisconsin Crime Scene Cleanup Company

An experienced crime scene cleanup company is a valuable part of the recovery process after a traumatic event. These questions can help business owners and homeowners choose the right company with the necessary skills and experience to clean up after a death, overdose, act of vandalism, industrial accident, hoarding incident, or other traumatic event.

What services do your crime scene cleanup company offer? Do you offer biohazard cleanup?

A crime scene cleanup company can do more than a general home and commercial cleaning company. Crime scene cleanup companies follow professional protocols to remove and safely dispose of hazardous materials (i.e. drugs, sharp items, chemicals, etc.) and body fluids (i.e. waste, blood, etc.) The result is a safe commercial space and/or home that can be occupied and used without any threats to health and safety. Crime scene cleaners can thoroughly sanitize small spaces or an entire home or facility. These Wisconsin professionals can also promptly provide these other crime scene cleanup services:

  • eliminate residues from drugs, tear gas, fire extinguishers, and other chemicals (even from drywall and other building materials)
  • remove fingerprint powder
  • dispose of broken glass and other hazardous materials, as well as medical waste
  • hazardous chemicals left behind after an industrial accident
  • remove bad odors and stains

Crime scene cleanup companies may also be able to clean up vehicles after a traumatic incident, such as a death or act of vandalism. Business and home owners should contact a crime scene cleanup company to get a full list of crime scene cleanup services offered.

Is your company certified? Do you have experience in crime scene and trauma clean-up?

When interviewing crime scene cleanup services, business and home owners always ask about their certifications. If a company is certified, they should follow protocols that ensure compliance with local regulations and use proper protective equipment. Crime scene cleanup companies should be able to provide this certification and answer questions about their employee training program when they train them in compliance procedures. 

Have you worked with insurance in the past?

In some cases, crime scene cleanup may be covered by a commercial, auto, or home insurance policy. For example, insurance may cover cleanup after an act of vandalism or serious accident. A crime, such as a burglary, may also be covered. Business and home owners should contact their insurance to determine if the building, home, or vehicle clean-up costs are covered by their insurance policy.

If the clean-up is covered by insurance, the insurance company may require photos, a quote, and other documentation before and during the clean-up. An experienced crime scene cleanup company can provide the items needed and may even be able to communicate with the insurance company directly. In essence, an experienced crime scene cleanup company can make the process more expedient and efficient. 

What is the cost of your cleanup services? Do you offer free quotes?

The circumstances behind every traumatic event are different and so is the scope of the clean-up. Business and homeowners should contact the crime scene cleanup service and ask if they offer a free quote. If so, an experienced crime scene cleanup service should be able to offer proof of insurance and certifications, references, and a free quote for all required traumatic event and crime scene cleanup services. A crime scene cleanup service can also provide an estimated amount of time needed for clean-up. Before signing contracts, business and home owners should also ask for contact information (who to contact during the clean-up) and review all documentation.

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