4 FAQs Answered by a Wisconsin Crime Scene Cleanup Service

A crime scene cleanup service can make a home or business safe and usable again after a traumatic incident. These cleaning services provide a wide range of services that can initiate the recovery process and remove all remnants off a traumatic incident. This blog post details the services offered by a crime scene cleanup service, and answers other frequently asked questions about trauma cleaning services.    

What can a crime scene cleanup service do?

This type of cleaning goes above and beyond a normal business or residential spring cleaning. Tear gas, for example, is challenging to clean up and needs to be remediated for the space to be safe. Blood and other bodily fluids (i.e. urine, feces, etc.) may contain harmful pathogens that can harm occupants. An industrial or vehicle accident can leave behind dangerous chemicals and biohazards. Hoarding can leave behind bad odors, stains, and harmful substances. Professional crime scene cleaners are trained to make the safe space after a death, drug overdose, accident, burglary, industrial accident, or other traumatic incident.

A crime scene cleanup service sanitizes and deep cleans the affected area, removes odors and harmful chemicals, and leaves it inhabitable and safe for use. Professional cleaners use cleaning products and protocols specifically manufactured for pathogen and residue removal, eliminating any threats to the inhabitants’ health and safety. Crime scene cleaners remove:

  • Biohazards such as blood, tissue and fluids
  • Evidence-gathering chemicals such as fingerprint powder
  • Residues from tear gas, fire extinguishers and other harmful chemicals
  • Hazardous items

A crime scene cleanup service can also remove any remnants of a drug manufacturing operation (i.e. meth lab) and make the facility or home safe for occupants. Professional crime scene cleaners can remove residues and other damaging effects from drywall and other building materials. For a full list of services, contact a local crime scene cleanup service.

What information is needed from a Wisconsin crime scene cleanup service?

In addition to expertise, tools, and cleaners, professional Wisconsin crime cleanup services can provide prompt service so the recovery process can begin and the space can be used as needed. Interested parties should ask potential Wisconsin crime scene cleanup services for the following information before scheduling a cleaning:

  • Experience (how long they have been in business)
  • Contact information (how to contact the crime cleanup service while service is being performed)
  • Evidence of Insurance (in case of any issues)

Interested parties should be wary of crime scene cleanup services that don’t have a business address and can’t provide proof of insurance. These services may not be able to properly dispose of biohazard and hazardous materials or promptly respond to the scene. Unfortunately, these amateurs may provide low-quality service—or not show up at all—and may be almost impossible to contact. Sub-par service can actually make the recovery process more difficult and hinder the recovery process.

How long does it take to clean up a crime scene? How much does crime scene cleanup cost?

The cost and exact length of time for cleanup depends on the scope of services needed and the amount of space to be sanitized. Professionals can clean a small commercial space or an entire residence. Cleaners can also clean holding cells and vehicles of residues, pathogens, and other harmful materials after a traumatic incident. A crime scene cleanup service can clean up after a death, car accident, burglary, murder, suicide, drug overdose, death, or a crime.

Interested parties should contact a local Wisconsin crime clean up service with information about the incident and size of space to get a quote. Once hired, cleaning professionals can provide services with expediency and compassion, leaving the space safe to use and inhabit.

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