Employees sick? Stop the Spread of Germs in the Workplace

office space in a facility where they are analyzing outsourcing or in-house cleaningDuring flu and cold season, it’s common for employee sick days to double. For weeks, it can seem like everyone is getting sick. The interruptions do more than leave desks empty; the accumulation of employee sick days can seriously interrupt company productivity and the delivery of services and products.

Because of the impact, employee wellness is more than just an individual problem. It’s why company owners and managers need to take cleanliness seriously and take these steps to disinfect the office and keep flu and cold germs at bay.

Make disinfecting wipes and sanitizers available for employees.

Give your employees weapons that can stem the spread of flu and cold germs. Place containers of disinfecting wipes and bottles of hand sanitizer in common areas where employees have easy access, such as near the copier or in the company kitchen. Ask employees to clean down their individual workspaces daily, such as a desktop or company cell phone.

Disinfect germ hot spots.

Every company workplace is full of surfaces that become hot beds for germs. While no one can stop the spread of germs through the air, companies can minimize and eliminate these germ hot spots. Designate an employee or hire a cleaner to wipe down surfaces where germs can thrive for days at a time, including (but not limited to):

  1. Door knobs (exterior & interior)
  2. Printers
  3. Fax machines
  4. Candy bowls
  5. Common use staplers
  6. Phones and headsets
  7. Keyboards
  8. Computers and tablets
  9. Computer mouse
  10. Office chairs
  11. Scanners
  12. Kitchen faucet
  13. Kitchen appliances (toaster, microwave, stove, etc.)
  14. Kitchen chairs
  15. Kitchen refrigerator (door, handle & interior)
  16. Kitchen cabinets
  17. Coffee maker
  18. Bathroom faucet
  19. Soap dispensers
  20. Toilets
  21. Trash cans

Schedule an off-hours deep clean.

Wiping down surfaces may not be enough to rid the workplace of germs and to stem the amount of employee sick days. Schedule an off-hours deep clean with a cleaning surface to ensure every surface in the office, restrooms, and kitchen are disinfected. As an added bonus, a deep clean has another bonus for employee health: dirty floors can lead to employee slips and falls (and injuries). A clean workplace is a healthy—and more productive—space for everyone.

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