Facility Tasks to Get Done When Business is Slow(er)

employee in factoryIf ‘ghost town’ is an appropriate description of your business during certain times of the year, it’s time to start taking advantage of those slow times to tackle business maintenance tasks. While maintenance may not be a top priority during busy times, it’s a basic necessity of business that can negatively impact your company in the long run if completely ignored.

That’s why it’s important to maximize your company’s slow times by anticipating and planning well in advance. Schedule vendors for important tasks at times when staffing is low or the facility is in shutdown. Likewise, schedule staff accordingly for facility tasks that need to get done during slow times so you have a smooth-running business during peak production.

Floor Cleaning

A regular deep floor clean and carpet clean can play a key role in preventing workplace injuries and increase productivity. Scheduling a regular floor cleaning can also help you stay on budget; if you wait too long, a build-up of dirt and grime can form that requires numerous cleanings and costs more in the long-term. Dirty floors can also become slippery and hazardous for your workers. Filthy carpets can decrease productivity because workers can get sick or have issues with allergies because of a lack of cleanliness.

Machine Maintenance

Though companies lose working time with a machine during preventative maintenance, this facility task can lengthen the life of the machine and decrease breakdowns. Schedule staff and vendors for preventative maintenance during extended shut-downs or overnight.

Building Maintenance

Holidays, shut-downs, and facility down times are ideal for minor repairs and maintenance. Schedule facility tasks like sealing the driveway, repairing and maintaining HVAC systems, and minor remodeling projects with the appropriate staff and vendors so the project is completed before staff return or the facility is being utilized for peak production.


Decreased shipping and production schedules create an ideal environment for inventorying parts and products. Empty facilities and low staff levels should lead to accurate counts and processes, giving each department accurate numbers for peak production times.

IT Maintenance

Downtimes, low staffing days, and shutdowns are an ideal time for server maintenance, upgrades and comprehensive back-ups. The benefits are numerous: online users aren’t affected by the computer down time, maintenance and back-ups won’t affect production and service calls…the list is endless. Schedule vendors accordingly for software downloads and upgrades when the office area is empty and facility floors are empty.

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