Hoarder Clean-up in Dodge County, WI: The Risks of Hoarding

Estimates show that approximately 6% of the entire population of the United States suffers from some type of hoarding disorder. A hoarding disorder is classified as a mental health condition that is generally characterized by a person having an excessive accumulation of possessions. The person will have a very difficult time discarding the items that they have collected. This often results in significant impairments to the function of the living space and clutter. 

Even though many professionals analyze the psychological and emotional effects of this disorder, the consequences to physical health are often overlooked. Unfortunately, hoarding can create a very hazardous situation that can be potentially life-threatening. 

This makes it critically important to have a strong and reliable team to handle hoarder clean-up in Dodge County, WI

The Risks Associated With Hoarding Disorder

When a person suffers from hoarding disorder, there are several risks involved with living in a space that is full of clutter and possessions.

There Is a Significant Risk of Falling

When a person is constantly living in clutter, there is a significant increase in the chances of them falling and suffering serious injuries. Hoarders often keep a significant amount of possessions inside their homes. In most cases, these objects are not organized in any way. As a result, they may be sprawled across the floor, creating potential hazards that increase the risk of falling.

When a person falls down as a result of having so many objects spread around their home, they can suffer serious head trauma, broken bones, or other significant injuries that can have a devastating impact on their health and well-being. This makes it critically important for a hoarder clean-up in Dodge County, WI, to ensure that no one is seriously injured as a result of a fall.

There Is a Heightened Risk of Fires

In addition to falls, hoarders may store objects in locations that directly obstruct exits. This can make it incredibly difficult for them to exit their home in the event of a fire. As a result, people who suffer from hoarding disorder may become trapped inside their homes and suffer life-threatening consequences.

In addition, the objects that they store in their home can be highly flammable. This dramatically increases the overall risk of a fire occurring. Having a thorough hoarder clean-up in Dodge County, WI can help to remove items that can lead to a severe fire incident.

There Is an Increased Risk of Exposure to Allergens and Mold

Having a lot of clutter inside the living space can be incredibly dangerous when it comes to the influence of mold growth and the growth of other allergens. Hoarding disorder can lead to a significant number of objects being located in close proximity. As a result, it can trigger mold growth, increased dust, and other allergens that can trigger severe respiratory problems.

In addition, having problems personally engaging in hoarder clean-up in Dodge County, WI, can lead to a significant increase in dust and other pollutants filling a space.

There Is a Significant Chance of Infestation

When a person hordes a lot of items inside their home, there is an increased likelihood that they will attract pests. It is incredibly common for severe hoarder situations to result in infestations of insects, bedbugs, cockroaches, and other rodents.

Unfortunately, many of these tasks can carry diseases that can have significant health consequences for the occupants of the home. In addition, they can cause significant damage to the home itself, resulting in further risks to the health and safety of those inside.

Problems With Hygiene

When individuals have a lot of items inside of their homes without hoarder clean-up in Dodge County, WI, it can lead to significant hygiene problems. Many people who struggle to deal with this type of situation have a very difficult time maintaining proper hygiene. This is often caused by the items blocking access to the sinks or bathrooms inside of their homes.

Unfortunately, they are also at an increased risk of suffering infections due to hoarder situations being common breeding grounds for bacteria and various other pathogens.

An Increased Risk of Animal Attacks or Bites

Hoarding conditions can result in unsanitary and overcrowded living conditions without hoarder clean-up in Dodge County, WI. This can result in animals feeling uncomfortable and crowded. Unfortunately, when animals do not feel safe and comfortable in their space, it increases the risk of them biting or scratching the owner. This can lead to severe infections and various other health problems.

More Likely to Be Injured by the Items Collected

Without a proper hoarder clean-up in Dodge County, WI, homeowners and other occupants are likely to suffer serious injuries as a result of the items themselves. When hoarders stack items very high in their homes, they can fall over and strike those around them. This can result in broken bones, severe cuts and lacerations, and even concussions.

Problems Getting Medical Care

Cluttered living spaces without hoarder clean-up in Dodge County, WI, can make it very difficult for individuals who live in the home to access the medical care that they need. Unfortunately, having a cluttered space can decrease the chances of a person seeking help if they suffer from any medical condition while in the home. As a result, it can lead to other health problems as a result of untreated medical conditions that they suffer from.

In addition to being less likely to seek medical care for any current health conditions, individuals who live in cluttered homes may be un-accessible to emergency medical service providers. If a person is experiencing a health problem at home, EMS and other crews may not be able to access them inside of their home if there is too much stuff.

Overwhelming Mental Health Consequences

There is a significant chance that individuals who live with hoarding disorders will suffer mental health consequences. It is all too common for hoarders to experience guilt, severe anxiety, and shame. Unfortunately, without hoarder clean-up in Dodge County, WI, hoarders may isolate themselves from their family members or friends. This can only make the mental health conditions that they suffer from worse. It can also result in the development of new mental health conditions.

Problems With Physical Health

Not only do individuals who suffer from hoarding disorders experience severe mental health consequences, but their physical health can suffer as well. Hoarding can make it very difficult for individuals to maintain a healthy diet. This is often a result of having their kitchen space cluttered or blocked. In many cases, people who suffer from hoarding disorder will have expired products inside their homes.

Let ZBM, Inc. Help

If you or someone you love is dealing with a hoarding disorder and you are interested in seeking a hoarder clean-up in Dodge County, WI, feel free to reach out to our professionals at ZBM, Inc. today.
Our compassionate team is skilled and highly trained in handling cleanup for these potentially dangerous situations. Our team can help to clean the space and ensure that it is safe to occupy. Feel free to reach out to our team today for a free estimate.

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