Holiday Cleaning Tips that’ll Ready Your Home for Fun

holiday treats to serve after a good holiday home cleaningExpecting lots of guests for a holiday party or family get together? You’ll need these tips and deep cleaning checklist so you can give your home the deep clean that’ll leave your guests in awe—and so you can get on to the holiday fun!

Holiday Cleaning Tips

  • Start well in advance.
  • Divide your cleaning list between your family (many hands make light work!).
  • Start at the top of a room and work down.
  • Bring in professional cleaning help as needed (i.e. to clean bathrooms, a whole home deep clean, floor cleaning, etc.). There’s no shame in bringing in a cleaning service to get the job done!
  • Carry your cleaning supplies from rom to room to hasten your cleaning.
  • Don’t forget to tackle your outdoor work (cleaning walks and the driveway, putting down salt, etc.)
  • Put rugs by all the doors to protect your floors and prevent future floor cleaning.
  • Use a deep cleaning checklist so you can go efficiently down the list.

Deep Cleaning Checklist


___Clean around the top of the bathtub and tub surround.

___Wipe down tile and clean grout.

___Clean the area around the toilet.

___Wipe down caulked areas.

___Clean the light fixture.

___Wash down the vanity and sink fixture.

___Wipe down the front of the vanity.

___Launder and replace towels.

___Clean mirror.

___Dust mirror frame.

___Wash walls.

___Wash windows.

___Dust trim.


___Dust dressers, end tables, desks, shelves, lamps, and knick knacks.

___Dust fan blades.

___Clean light fixture.

___Wash walls.

___Launder and replace bedding.

___Dust curtain rods.

___Vacuum rugs.

___Vacuum and mop floors.

___Wash windows.

___Dust trim.


___Dust fan blades.

___Clean light fixture.

___Wash top of cabinets.

___Wash walls.

___Clean appliances.

___Sweep and mop floor.

___Wipe down cabinets.

___Wash windows.

___Clean backsplash.

___Wipe down counters.

___Clean sink.

___Clean vent hood.

Living Areas

___Clean light fixtures.

___Dust fan blades.

___Sweep and clean floors.

___Wash windows.

___Dust cabinet.

___Dust televisions.

___Clean fireplace mantle.


___Dust cabinets and shelves.

___Organize coats and gear.

___Sweep and mop floor.

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