Holiday Home Cleaning: 22 Tips that Get You Started (and Done!)

living room cleaned and decorated for the holidaysThe holidays are (almost) here! It’s time to get ready for the family Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday celebrations. Holiday cooking, preparing guest rooms, mopping, washing counters…it’s all part of holiday preparations. While we can’t help with the holiday cooking, we can give you cleaning tips that help you clean your home efficiently and completely so you can move on to enjoying the holiday parties.

Pre-Holiday Cleaning Tips

  1. Make a list of cleaning tasks (or use this holiday cleaning checklist) for an efficient and quick holiday clean. Designate the tasks so the holiday cleaning is a team effort.
  2. Start cleaning at the top of the room (i.e. ceiling fans, tops of furniture and appliances, etc.) and work to the floor.
  3. Put down rugs by all the doors to prevent tracking in water and dirt.
  4. On dirty floors, test floor cleaners on areas of flooring that is not visible, so the cleaner does not damage or discolor flooring.
  5. Vacuum and sweep before deep cleaning floors (or hire a cleaning service to tackle the floor cleaning while you’re gone).
  6. Carry cleaning supplies from room to room for faster cleaning.
  7. Clean windows on a grey day so the cleaner doesn’t dry and leave streaks.
  8. To remove pet hair from furniture, use a lint brush to remove stray hairs from cushions and chairs.
  9. Remove all the garbage bags throughout the home at once for an efficient clean (and better-smelling home).
  10. Hire professionals for rooms that need a deep clean, such as the kitchen or bathroom.
  11. Make trash clean-up easier; put out separate containers for trash and recyclables.
  12. Launder all linens and curtains early to ensure they are ready for the holidays (and holiday guests).
  13. Put out extra towels and toilet paper last (after all the cleaning is done) so your home is ready for guests.
  14. Don’t forget to clean walks and driveways so guests are not injured from ice and snow.
  15. Strategically place towels, wash cloths, and cleaning supplies near gathering rooms for easy and fast clean-up (of spills and other accidents).

After Holiday Clean-Up Tips

  1. Wipe down tables and counters as soon as the party is done to eliminate stains and hard-to-clean spills that dry on the surface.
  2. Immediately soak dishes that are dirty to make the dish washing easier or wash dishes after the meal is done.
  3. Sweep and clean as soon as the holiday gathering is done to reduce the chance for scratches and stains on floors.
  4. Hire a floor cleaner to deep clean floors after guests are gone (schedule the appointment before the holidays so it is done as soon as possible).
  5. Don’t wait to clean guest rooms after they leave.
  6. Pre-treat stains on table linens so they are not permanently stained.
  7. Make it easy. Hire a professional home cleaner to completely clean your home as soon as the holidays are over.

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