How much does a home cleaner cost?

washing plates a daily chore that can be done by a home cleanerThe questions “how much does a home cleaner cost?” or “how much does it cost for a home cleaning?” has a lot of answers, largely because the total home cleaning cost depends the amount of cleaning you require or the total square footage of your home. Home cleaners can do as many—or as few—-cleaning jobs you request. In general, most home cleaners can:

  • Fold clothes,
  • Clean floors,
  • Bathroom clean-up,
  • Wash dishes,
  • Wipe down and clean a kitchen,
  • Clean and wax floors,
  • Carpet cleaning,
  • Wash windows,
  • Change sheets on beds,
  • Mop floors,
  • Deep cleaning (i.e. spring cleaning, appliances, etc.),
  • Vacuum

Any home cleaner can (or should be able to) do whatever you ask, and the total cost is dependent on 1) whether the cleaner charges based on square footage or hourly; 2) whether you hire a home cleaning service or individual; and 3) the frequency of the home cleaner’s visits (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, as-needed, etc.).

There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring an individual home cleaner or home cleaning service, and the choice is completely up to you. In general, you should base your decision on these factors:

  • Proof of insurance. Whether you use an individual or a cleaning service, ask for proof of insurance just in case any items at your business are damaged. Every cleaning service should be able to provide proof, as this is a routine part of business. Not every individual home cleaner has insurance. Another difference between the two entities is accountability; it’s far easier to hold a cleaning service accountable in case of an accident or a problem than an individual.
  • How much you need regular cleanings. One of the disadvantages of hiring an individual to clean your house is the “just-in-case” scenarios. What do you do when your cleaner gets sick—or their kids get sick, or they have an emergency? What do you do if your cleaner goes on vacation for two weeks when you have your kids’ birthday party scheduled? A cleaning service has back-up cleaners available to come clean when those scenarios occur—back-up cleaners with the same training and experience.
  • Amount of cleaning needed. In general, cleaning services can offer more services than an individual cleaner. Individual cleaners also usually require a regular home cleaning schedule. Hiring a cleaning service gives you the flexibility to bring in cleaners when you need to do the cleaning tasks you need.
  • Schedules. Your home cleaner should be able to come when you need. Often, individual home cleaners have limited availability, while home cleaning services have multiple home cleaners on staff that can come on a schedule you request.
  • Budget. Typically, individual cleaners offer cheaper rates than cleaning services but don’t offer proof of insurance or a flexible schedule—two factors that can mitigate cost. To find out if a cleaning service is within your budget, contact a cleaning service for a free quote. They’ll help you find out if a home cleaner is within your budget, and all the perks of a clean and organized house.

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