How often should my business be cleaned?

conference room at business ready for cleaningAs with many questions in business, this commonly asked question from company owners and managers is an answer with no definitive answer. There are a number of factors that play into the answer, including the nature of the business and frequency of use.

The answer is more complicated when discussing specific rooms and spaces in a business; this list of estimated answers can guide managers and owners as they set a cleaning schedule for their specific facility.


Answer: At least three times a year. If your facility deals with a lot of dust or grease, schedule a monthly interior and exterior window cleaning. For a retail operation or a building with frequent customer foot traffic, contact a cleaning service to clean the windows in those frequently used spaces more often.


Answer: Every month during winter and once during summer. The specific rug cleaning schedule for a facility depends on the season and foot traffic. If the rug is in a heavy traffic area, such as a busy lobby, it may need to be cleaned as often as every month or twice per month. To minimize interruptions to normal business operations, ask a cleaning company about a cleaning and delivery schedule that works around normal business hours. Maintaining a frequent cleaning schedule can extend the life of the rugs and reduce the rate of replacement.


Answer: Daily for a small or mid-size business, several times a day for a frequently-used restroom. The same formula can be used to determine the frequency of restroom deep cleaning; a restroom with low foot traffic may only require a deep clean every six months. A restroom that is used often should be deep cleaned every month (more often when concerned about the spread of an illness).


Answer: Twice a year or once every 18 months. If the carpet is in area that receives every foot traffic, a professional carpet clean should be scheduled every six months (schedule the carpet cleaning during off hours or shut downs so productivity is not interrupted). In a facility with little foot traffic, a carpet cleaning is only needed every year and a half. Delaying these cleanings is not recommended; a lack of carpet cleaning can lead to a build-up of grime, mold, and mildew. Carpets that do not receive a deep clean may also cost more to deep clean. No matter the amount of foot traffic, a regular schedule of vacuuming should be maintained.

Hard floors

Answer: Daily, weekly, or monthly. The exact cleaning schedule for facility hard floors depends on the specific type of flooring and business activity. In a business that generates a lot of grease or dust, the floor should be cleaned daily. A regular deep cleaning needs to be scheduled to remove a build-up and prevent frequent workplace slips and falls. Contact a professional cleaning company to get their recommendation for floor cleaning schedule that fits your business needs.

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