How to Keep Your House Clean this Winter

All the snow and ice that comes with a cold Wisconsin winter makes for extra winter gear—and extra house cleaning! When the snow starts to fall, use these tips to get—and keep—your house in order when the temps drop.

Place rugs and mats by exterior doors.

One of the best ways to keep your home clean is to keep snow and gravel out of your home (so you don’t have to clean it). This house cleaning tips is all about prevention. Placing mats and rugs by exterior doors prevent muddy foot prints and any damage to flooring caused by tracked-in snow and gravel.

Train your pets to stop by the door.

This house cleaning tip actually applies to furry and non-furry family members. Do your best to stop your pets—and your kids—as soon as they step in the door. Once inside, a quick wipe-down of paws (and feet!) keeps your floors looking new and all the snow and grime at the door.

Make sweeping and vacuuming a priority.

During winter, people tend to spend most of their time indoors; all that time indoors definitely shows up in dirty floors and excess wear and tear. A regular sweep and vacuum remove the dirt and dust that damages hard and soft flooring and triggers irritating allergy symptoms. That’s why it’s important to move up a regular sweep and vacuum on your house cleaning checklist (or add it to the list of cleaning services for your house cleaner).

Add a regular dust to the house cleaning list (from the ceiling down).

Being stuck in the house during a cold winter contributes to “cabin fever.” Being stuck in the house during a cold winter with dust contributes to annoying allergy symptoms! To keep all that sneezing and wheezing away, add a regular dusting to the house cleaning checklist (for you or your scheduled house cleaner). A good dusting starts at the top of the room, such as with a light fixture or ceiling fan. Dusting from the top down eliminates repeated wiping (“I just dusted that area and now dust has fallen on it!”) and cleaning.

Disinfect door knobs and common surfaces.

A regular disinfection may not make a home look cleaner, but it’s definitely helpful during cold and flu season in Wisconsin. A disinfection takes cleaning a step further, using cleaning products specifically formulated for eliminating household germs. When disinfecting a house, make sure to wipe down the most common household surfaces: doorknobs, phones, faucet handles, toilets, counter tops, and any other handles. For a more thorough disinfection, contact a house cleaner about scheduling a deep clean.

Clean/replace furnace and air purifier filters.

During winter, a clean house is about more than shiny surfaces. Substandard air quality can be a huge factor when everyone is spending time inside. It can even contribute to some health issues which is why a regular swap or clean of filters is so important.

Don’t hesitate to bring in the pros for serious deep cleaning.

A deep clean doesn’t have to wait for spring. For a clean and healthy household even on the coldest winter days, contact a home cleaning service with experienced cleaners that can tackle all that winter cleaning and leave you enjoying another Wisconsin winter.

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