Our Best Home Window Cleaning Tips

A newer, custom built, a-frame contemporary style house.As professional home cleaners, we’ve cleaned a lot of windows. Windows on screen doors, patio doors, bedroom windows, round windows. Needless to say washing windows is an art that we’re very accomplished, which is why we put together these tips you can use when cleaning your windows (or you can contact us for a professional quality window clean).

Clean your window when it’s NOT sunny.

This is one of the most common window cleaning mistakes, and it’s easy to understand why. After all, it’s nice to see those shiny, clean windows as you work, right? Unfortunately, the sun is also the enemy as you wash windows, drying out your cleaner before you get the job done.

Wait to wash until after you power wash the house.

Power washing your home is a natural part of preparing for our Wisconsin winters. Make sure to wait until after your power washing to clean the outside of the windows, and remove the screens before you power wash.

Be careful about using paper towel.

A lint-free microfiber cloth or sponge is a far better choice for window cleaning. Make sure you have these tools available, along with the right window cleaning product for the job.

Don’t forget the screens.

Glass cleaning is not enough! Screens, handles, and the casing around the window is an important part of window cleaning. Vacuum and remove any dirt and grime, and wipe down every part of the window to ensure a complete deep clean.

Completely dry your window.

Don’t walk away from your window cleaning until the surface is completely dry, which can leave spots and streaks. A squeegee is the best tool that can accomplish this, and leave your windows looking great.

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