Quick Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

home bathroom ready for spring cleaningYour bathroom is one of the most vulnerable to messes and germs (especially a kids’ bathroom!) for obvious reasons, so make sure to roll up your sleeves and tackle your bathroom as part of your spring cleaning project.  It seems that almost every surface of your bathroom can get full of dust and grime, so make sure you start at the top of your checklist and don’t stop until you get to the bottom.  Depending on the amount of bathrooms you have, the task could be immense. Consider contacting a cleaning service so you get a clean bathroom without spending the day (or days) giving your bathrooms the deep clean it deserves.

  • Get rid of all of your towels, linens, and rugs while cleaning.
  • Dust the top and clean your mirror.
  • Wash curtains.
  • Dust any curtain rods.
  • Wash windows.
  • Wash down your toilet from top to bottom (take special care around the base and bottom of the toilet).
  • Wash down your countertop and splash guard.
  • Spray and scrub tile grout on your floors and in your shower.
  • Scrub your tub.
  • Wash the top of a tub surround.
  • Wash the shower curtain.
  • Clean a shower door.
  • Vacuum and clean your bathroom fan and vents.
  • Turn off and wipe down your light fixture.
  • Wash the walls and ceiling.
  • Dust and wipe down your trim and cabinets.
  • Deep clean your floor.

Have any questions? Don’t be afraid to contact the pros about your spring cleaning.

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