Real Dirt on 10 Common Cleaning (and Cleaning Service!) Myths

cleaning mythsWant the straight scoop from the cleaning experts on ways to clean your house—and ways not to clean your house? We’re here to clear up those common cleaning myths you hear (and boy there are a lot of them!) and give you truthful information straight from the professional house cleaners:

Cleaners made with natural ingredients won’t damage my household surfaces. No matter what kind of cleaner you use, you should always test a small area that is not visible to make sure you won’t damage the household surface. Even household cleaners made with common household ingredients can be abrasive or discolor your carpets, counters or flooring. An example of this? Vinegar mixed with water can dull the finish on some kinds of hardwood flooring.

You have to be rich to hire a cleaning service. Not true! Hiring a cleaning service is far more affordable than the myth implies. In addition, the old adage “time is money” rings true when considering whether to hire a cleaning service. Do you make more money working at your own business or cleaning your house? Do you want to spend every minute of your time away from the office cleaning your house?

You don’t have to carpet clean until your carpets are REALLY dirty. If you’re only worried about how the carpets look, then you should only carpet clean when your carpets look dirty. However, if you are worried about the dirt you can’t see: allergens and the dirt trapped that causes poor air quality, then annual carpet cleanings are right for you. Don’t think that a regular household carpet cleaning can do the same job as a professional carpet cleaning either; professional carpet cleaners can do wonders that those rent-a-cleaners can’t.

Cleaners clean the whole house. Home cleaning services are flexible. If you only want the cleaners to clean the high traffic areas, or just the bathrooms and kitchens, contact the cleaning service and specify the jobs you want done. They clean the areas you want, when you want.

Use newspapers to clean your windows, because they work just as well as paper towels. Not true. Newspapers can leave ink stains and streaks. Next time you wash your windows, use paper towels or rags and a good window cleaner for a beautiful streak-free shine.

You have to be home when the cleaners come. You don’t have to be home when the cleaners come. Just call your cleaning service and make the necessary arrangements for entry.

Disinfecting and cleaning is the same thing. This myth is partially true. To be clear: there are times when you disinfect and clean a surface—but not always. A disinfected surface is clear of bacteria and germs, but it is not always cleaned. A clean surface may be clean, but may still have bacteria and germs on it.

Vacuum cleaning wears a carpet down. This is blatantly false. Vacuum cleaning actually keeps your carpets looking their best. Foot traffic, dirt and grime tracked through and fading from sunlight

Bleach is the only cleaner you need. While bleach may be the perfect cleaner for some jobs, bleach is actually too abrasive for all your cleaning jobs and can cause damage and discoloration.

People who hire cleaning services are lazy. Not sure where this myth came from, but let’s be serious. Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a cleaning service, such as before guests arrive or when evaluating what your time is worth. Hiring a cleaning service does not have to mean that you give up cleaning your house. We have a friend who hired a cleaning service to only clean her bathrooms. Likewise, if you need a cleaning service only before you entertain, contact a reliable cleaning service and set up the appointment. Or if you only want a certain room clean, give your cleaning service specific instructions. A cleaning service can also provide references and give you an estimate so you have a clear idea of cost. They work for you when you need it, giving you freedom and time so you can keep up with busy schedule and still have a beautiful, clean house.

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