Safety First: Why Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Is Essential

When a violent crime occurs, there are many things to take care of. Sometimes, there is a police investigation; there is a traumatized family that needs support. And, of course, there is the physical scene that needs to be set back in order.

Family members are grieving and can’t handle the burden of cleaning up. But more importantly, they don’t have the skills, tools, or knowledge to ensure that a crime scene is cleaned up safely and effectively. So, what goes into professional crime scene cleanup, and why is it essential?

What Qualifies as a Crime Scene?

Crime scene cleanup services have a bit of a misleading name because they are actually used in a wide variety of circumstances. These fall into a few categories, which include violent crimes as well as accidents and more:

Homicide Cleanup 

After a violent attack or homicide, there may be blood, bodily fluids, or hazardous materials on the scene. This is also the case after a person dies by suicide. Depending on the situation, these may also be the scene of an active crime investigation, which requires coordination with local law enforcement.

Unattended Death 

If a person dies alone in their home, their body may not be discovered for an extended period of time. Depending on how advanced the decomposition is, crime scene cleaners may have to address insects, odors, and even structural damage (for example, if a decomposing body has rotted into the floor). This is especially important if the person died in a shared living space such as an apartment.

Industrial Accidents

Worksites that use heavy or specialized machinery, such as factories or construction sites, can be a place for industrial accidents. Crime scene cleanup can involve making the workspace safe for other employees following an on-site accident or death. To do this, crime scene cleaners will also need to be familiar with OSHA regulations and coordinate with local management.


Crime scene cleaners are sometimes called to remove hazardous materials after vandalism or conflict. This could involve tear gas, bullets, blood, broken glass, or other unsafe items. Riot cleanup usually falls into this category. It is crucial to address these conflicts promptly (especially since they frequently occur in public spaces) to ensure the safety and well-being of others.

Why Is Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Essential?

So, why are professional services needed after a violent crime takes place? Sometimes, property owners or family members may be tempted to tackle these scenes on their own. But that’s not just overwhelming and traumatizing for them—it’s also unsafe. Here are a few reasons why.

Crime Scene Cleanup Professionals Know How to Handle Biohazards

The sad truth is that the aftermath of violent crime usually involves biohazardous materials. Blood, decomposing bodies, bodily fluids, and insect infestations are all a part of the job. Crime scene cleaners undergo rigorous training to learn how to dispose of biohazardous materials safely, ensuring that no one is exposed to bloodborne pathogens. Similarly, they know how to eliminate other substances that could expose others to danger, such as toxic chemicals.

Cleanup Experts Have the Tools and Materials They Need to Make Spaces Safe

There are a lot of things that go into restoring a crime scene to normalcy. It can range from cleaning up bloodborne pathogens to deodorizing textiles and reinforcing damaged structural pieces. As you can imagine, there are a lot of special tools and resources that are required to tackle this.

Regular household cleaners are not sufficient for cleaning and disinfecting a crime scene. Crime scene cleanup professionals use industrial tools to scan for bloodborne pathogens and remove hazardous materials.

Most people also don’t have the resources to tell if hazards are still present. Some, like bloodborne pathogens, are invisible to the naked eye but can still cause illness and even death. Others, like structural damage, can be difficult to diagnose unless you are an expert.

There have been cases where crime scene damage has forced people to move out of shared living spaces or required parts of the building to be rebuilt. Crime scene cleaners can help avoid this by cleaning properly and assessing damage before it becomes serious.

They Can Restore a Feeling of Normalcy

Many crime scene cleanup professionals see themselves not just as sanitation workers but as people in service to grieving families. They provide a layer of security between the scene of the crime and the people who were affected by it. In other words, the bereaved don’t have to look at the place where their lost loved one was hurt or killed.

This helps them have a sense of normalcy when they are eventually able to return. Focusing on processing grief is enough—no loved one should have to be traumatized by the sight of the crime scene. Crime scene cleaners help make that possible.

They Know How to Keep Themselves Safe

Crime scenes are inherently dangerous places. Bloodborne pathogens, hazardous materials, weapons, insects, odors, and structural damage are all par for the course. The average person doesn’t know how to protect themselves from the hazards of such a place.

On the other hand, crime scene cleaning professionals undergo rigorous training to know exactly how to protect themselves during their work. Additionally, they have access to specialized materials such as biohazard suits, respirators, and eye protection.

Crime Scene Cleanup Professionals Are Familiar With Legal Regulations

The regulations surrounding crime scenes can be complex. Not only are there OSHA regulations that need to be followed, but cleaners also need to coordinate with law enforcement. Ignoring laws and regulations can impede criminal investigations by removing evidence. It can also put others in danger—which is why cleaners are intimately familiar with safety and health regulations.

Hiring Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Experts: Getting Started

If you have been affected by a violent crime, the best thing to do after contacting your local law enforcement is to contact a professional cleaning team. Our cleanup experts can offer the services you need to restore the space to safety and normalcy. 

The team at ZBM Inc. is proud to serve the communities in and around Watertown, including both Dodge and Jefferson counties. We have extensive experience and certifications to ensure that crime scenes are cleaned effectively, keeping others safe in the aftermath.

Have questions about our services or need a quote? Call ZBM Inc. at 920-262-9471 to learn more about how we can serve you!

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