6 Key Wisconsin Facility Maintenance Tips for Spring

Warm spring temperature are a signal that Wisconsin companies need to add additional facility maintenance tasks to their daily operations. These facility maintenance tasks address the lasting effects of a cold winter, such as dirty floors and surfaces, and prepare the facility for smooth summer operations.

Facility Maintenance Tips

Remove built-up grime from building floors.

Even with mats and rugs, employees and visitors track salt, snow, and grime onto office floors throughout the fall and winter months. The result is an unsafe build-up on floors that can become hazardous. Floor build-up can also wear down flooring and leave permanent stains and damage. All of these reasons are a reason to put a deep floor cleaning at the top of the spring facility maintenance checklist. Fortunately, a deep floor clean can be performed by company staff or a commercial floor cleaning service after hours with minimal disruption to facility operations. (Contact a facility maintenance company for a quote.)

Tackle a full facility disinfection.

A full facility disinfection is an essential service with a clear effect on the bottom line. Employee absences disrupt company operations, resulting in delays of service and product delivery. A full facility disinfection is a key part of maintaining employee health, and should include a full disinfection of common spaces, workstations, and restrooms. Like floor cleaning, it is best done during off-hours to minimize facility operations.

Check HVAC systems and perform bi-annual maintenance.

HVAC systems depend on regular maintenance for efficient operation. The result is a reduction in HVAC system breakdowns and lower energy costs. In addition to cost savings, HVAC maintenance and duct cleaning also has a direct impact on employee health, reducing the amount of allergens circulating though out the facility. Most HVAC systems require a filter change, coil clean-up, and other maintenance for smooth and efficient operation.

Clean building exterior and sidewalks.

A clean building exterior and parking lot and well-kept vegetation beds makes a positive impression on visitors and contributes to property value. This spring facility maintenance task also contributes to pest control, removes tripping hazards, and extends the life of surface materials (i.e. cement, asphalt, etc.) When in-house staffing is not available, this task can be outsourced to an experienced Wisconsin facility maintenance company.

Address pest control issues.

Pests are an unfortunate year-round problem for facility managers, damaging buildings and causing problems for employees and operations. Spring is an ideal time to address these issues, typically with a full inspection of the facility and pest control measures. The latter can be scheduled or handled in-house by facility maintenance staff.

Clean windows and window treatments.

Clean windows are a key part of employee morale, property value, and a favorable first impression. The interior of the windows is just as important because built-up dust contributes to employee allergies. This facility maintenance task should be added to a company spring cleaning list. It can also be done throughout the year as well.

Questions to Ask a Facility Maintenance Company

When staffing is not available, companies can contact local facility maintenance companies with a list of needed services. Facility managers should ask the following questions before hiring a company:

  • How long has the facility maintenance company been in business?
  • What services does the company provide?
  • Can the facility maintenance service provide references?
  • How does the company address any service issues?
  • Does the company do background checks on employees?
  • Can the facility maintenance perform maintenance during off-hours? Can the service be done promptly and when needed?
  • Does the company carry insurance?

In addition to facility maintenance, some companies offer other services as well, such as day porter, lighting maintenance, and janitorial services.

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