Summer Grill Out Cleaning Checklist

family and friends enjoying summer grill out after using summer grill out cleaning checklistSummer grill out. Get together. Party. Barbecue. There are a lot of names for one of our favorite summer past times. You know what we’re talking about: all your friends and family relaxing together while the “master chef” grills brats and burgers, followed by a night of talking, campfires, games, and fun. There are a few variations to every summer grill out, of course, but there’s not a variation in all the cleaning and preparation that goes into these fun get-togethers.

If you want to get through all the preparation and cleaning faster, you can hire a cleaner to get through this summer grill out cleaning checklist so you enjoy a delicious brat and barbecue with your guests.


__ Clean driveway off

__ Clean grill surface

__ Sweep patio or deck

__ Power wash patio or deck

__ Clean umbrellas & awnings

__ Mow lawn

__ Prune trees & pick up tree branches

__ Weed flower beds

__Add additional seating and tables to patio


__ Put down rugs by doors to catch dirt

__ Wash dishes

__ Clean floors

__ Dust cabinets

__ Clean out microwave

__ Dust cabinets

__ Wash windows


__ Wash down countertops

__ Clean toilet

__ Mop floor

__ Clean shower

__ Wash windows

Living areas

__ Mop floor/vacuum

__ Pick up floors and couches

__ Dust coffee table, end tables, and entertainment centers

__ Wash windows


__ Mop floor/vacuum

__ Pick up

__ Dust dressers

__ Wash windows

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