4 Valuable VCT Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) floors are incredibly durable commercial floors, but do come with necessary VCT floor cleaning guidelines. VCT floor cleaning is an essential part of building maintenance.

Why VCT Floors Need Cleaning

Vinyl tile floors are bright, durable, and economical. These floors can maintain a bright aesthetic and be an important part of making a favorable impression on customers and visitors. If not properly cleaned and maintained, VCT floors become dull and yellow because of fading from the sun and heavy foot traffic.

VCT floor cleaning is also an integral part of health and safety. VCT floors are porous, and waxing protects the porous floor. When not properly maintained, the protective wax wears away and a layer of grime builds up on VCT floors. The layer of grime can become slippery, and cause injuries from trips and falls. Tile adhesive can also weaken and tiles can chip if not maintained.

Regular commercial floor cleaning also contributes to a company’s bottom line. Floor maintenance extends the life of the floor, contributes to building value, and minimizes the frequency and costs of floor replacements.

VCT Floor Cleaning Tips

Establish a regular floor maintenance schedule.

VCT floor cleaning and maintenance is a continual process. At the very least, VCT floors in lightly-trafficked areas should be dust mopped daily and mopped twice a week. If the floors are used frequently and are in high-traffic areas, the floors should be dust mopped several times a day and mopped daily. During mopping, companies should use proper signage to make employees and visitors aware of the risk and redirect traffic. (If these cleaning tasks cannot be maintained by in-house staff, floor cleaning should be added to a list of cleaning tasks completed by a local commercial cleaning service.)

Don’t wait too long to schedule a VCT floor cleaning.

VCT floors become dull, dirty, and hazardous if not maintained. If floors are not regularly dust mopped and mopped, floors should be stripped and waxed every 6-9 months. With regular floor cleaning, owners and managers can schedule a deep floor cleaning once annually.

An intensive VCT floor cleaning removes any remaining layers of wax, as well as dirt and grime. Local commercial floor cleaning companies then buff floors and apply protective layers of wax. When completed, floors look shiny and new.

Place rugs by exterior doors and in high-traffic spaces.

In addition to commercial floor cleaning, companies should also take steps to keep VCT floors clean and safe. Mats should be placed by all exterior doors to keep water and dirt from being tracked in by employees and visitors. In high-traffic areas, such as hallways and lobbies, rugs should be strategically placed to extend the life of VCT floors, minimize slip hazards, and keep them looking new.

Always review VCT flooring manufacturer specifications for care and cleaning products.

All VCT floors, new and old, should be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning products and tools. Newer VCT flooring comes with a very specific set of manufacturer specifications for care and cleaning. When cleaning, owners and managers should always review specifications to ensure that the warranty is not voided. With proper VCT floor cleaning and maintenance, VCT floors can last for years and look like the day they were installed.

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