Ways to Protect Your Home’s Floors from Water

living room in home with wood floors that need to be protected from waterWinter snow. Spring rain. (In Wisconsin, sometimes we get both of those in 24 hours!) Puddles. Water, mud, and gravel can wreak havoc on your home’s floors. Melting snow, spring showers, and all the gravel and mud that comes with it, can warp, damage, and stain your floors long after the spring thaw is over.

Hardwood floors can be especially prone to issues; however, almost every kind of flooring can be scratched by debris or stained by water or mud. Before you throw up your hands and give up on the idea of keeping your floors look great, take these steps to protect your floors from the rain and mud that inevitably gets tracked in your home.


The best way to protect your floors from damage is to keep out the culprits that cause the damage. Place mats and rugs outside and inside all doors, and make sure everyone in your home is using them. If you have pets, train them to stop at the door so you can wipe off their paws before they track in water, mud, and debris.

Regular maintenance

To take care of any stones, mud, or water that makes it past the doorstep, regularly sweep, dry mop, or vacuum the floors (or add it to the list of cleaning tasks for your house cleaner). If there are water puddles, keep towels nearby to dry up the water immediately. Sitting water on wood floors can warp and permanently stain the floor. On carpet, don’t scrub the puddles; instead, blot at the moisture to avoid damaging the carpet fibers.

Regulate the humidity

If you have hardwood floors in your home, one of the worst water threats is in the air. High humidity can damage hardwood boards and cause permanent damage; monitor the humidity in these rooms and use dehumidifiers to keep the humidity low and the floor in like-new shape.

Deep clean

A regular floor deep clean is an essential part of keeping your home floors looking like the day they were installed. In addition to removing built-up grime, a deep clean can also remove allergens that could trigger indoor allergies. If you don’t have time, hire a professional to deep clean your floors so all you have to do is enjoy the clean and fantastic-looking floors.

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