What cleaning jobs can a cleaner do in your home?

The question “what cleaning jobs can a cleaner do in my home?” is a question we hear often from busy home owners who need help with cleaning their home, or vacation home up north. The short answer is: whatever you want. The long answer is a list of cleaning jobs that a cleaner can do around your home, and you can choose the cleaning jobs you need done in your home:

  • Folding laundry
  • Cleaning floors
  • Bathroom clean-up
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Cleaning and waxing floors,
  • Carpet cleaning,
  • Window cleaning,
  • Pressuring washing your house,
  • Changing the beds,
  • Mopping the floor,
  • Deep spring cleaning jobs,
  • Anything you need done!

If you have another cleaning task that’s not on the list, ask us. Chances are, one of our professional cleaners can help you out with your cleaning task at a scheduled time or times you specify, so you have a clean home—and a shorter list of cleaning jobs to do.

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