What Do Crime Scene Cleanup Companies Do?

Crime scene cleanup is a tough job and one you always want to avoid if you’re a property owner. Fortunately, some companies specialize in it. 

The right service provider is capable of restoring the original sheen of your property. They can even leave it looking better than it ever has. 

In this article, we’ll be examining everything that cleanup companies provide. From the substances they clean to the details they notice, this is what you should expect if you’re in the Dodge and Jefferson counties and need their services.

Specific Service Areas

Simply defined, a crime scene is any scene where a law is broken and investigators have to search for evidence. It’s commonly associated with homicides and suicides, but it can also pertain to armed robberies and other non-fatal crimes.

Enlisting one of these cleaning companies in the Watertown or Beaver Dam areas? Likely, it will be due to one of the following substances being found on the scene. 

Blood and Tissue Removal

Police often get called to the scene of a homicide in which a gun or sharp instrument is used. In 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that this happened 15,403 times.

Guns and sharp instruments always leave behind blood spatter and tissue samples. When the police have taken the evidence they need, they remove the body but do not provide cleanup.

That’s where crime scene cleanup companies step in. They use chemicals, brushes, and other materials and resources to ensure safe disposal.

Vandalism Removal

Property owners in Juneau and throughout this part of Wisconsin also might see the benefit in a crime scene cleanup company for cases of vandalism. Sure, small jobs might be worth taking on yourself or simply discarding the vandalized materials, but vandals usually don’t go small.

If you’ve experienced vandalism on a larger scale (i.e. spray paint, physical property damages), then a crime scene cleanup company can help. Often, they’re able to do so while helping you save as much of the original location and fixtures as possible, thus controlling costs. 

Toxic Irritants 

Fentanyl is a powerful sedative wherein mere contact can shut down bodily systems and be potentially fatal. It doesn’t matter if you live in Hustisford, Juneau, Lake Mills, Jefferson, Fort Atkinson.

Counterfeit opioid pills and fentanyl residue are reality. Crime scene cleanup companies have the protective materials and training to clean for this and other toxic irritants that can prey on you, your family, or tenants. 

Infectious Disease Germs

Infectious diseases have no borders. That’s something we’ve all been reminded of over the last year and a half.

COVID-19 tore a swath of destruction across the world. In Jefferson and Dodge counties alone, it has claimed the lives of approximately 27,000 of our fellow citizens.

Cleanup and restoration companies that specialize in crime scenes have the tools, tech, and equipment to sterilize locations where people have died or been rushed to a hospital with an infectious disease. You might consider hiring one if your family has been touched by COVID or any other contagion.

Focal Points

Now that we’ve covered the types of services that crime scene cleanup companies provide, let’s look at the details. These are the areas they focus on as they’re scouring a crime scene for the substances mentioned above.

Carpets and Floors

This is more than just vacuuming or mopping. Crime scene cleaning companies use supplies that are designed to get deep into the carpet and neutralize contaminants. 


Crime scene cleanup jobs also focus on walls. This includes cleaning off the surface and, if need be, restoring or repainting. This ensures the concealment or complete removal of microparticles that would indicate evidence of a crime.


It’s not pleasant to think about, but when there is a shooting or blunt instrument attack, the potential for microparticles and blood and tissue spatter is great. 

Blood is unpredictable in how it separates from the body in a violent attack. Even trained crime scene investigators take hours to find it all and can miss it if they’re not thorough. 

Your average commercial cleaner usually focuses on walls and baseboards. They might give a little attention to the ceiling but not the kind of deep cleaning that a crime scene would require.


Restoration is a service to the family of the victim, to future tenants, to property owners. That’s because it restores the physical location but doesn’t stop with it. It also restores the dignity and spirit of the location and makes the home, apartment, or building presentable again.

Who They Serve

In theory, the crime scene cleanup company serves the resident and property owners. Most companies, though, are regionally based with very few national players. 

Part of that’s due to the fact that it’s hard to coordinate a dependable crew from one state to the next. Being able to work closely with your crew is an essential part of doing the job right.

Furthermore, it helps to have some ownership in the region you’re serving. If you’re a crime scene cleanup company, then you’re a community partner.

Your goal is to restore and enhance quality-of-place, even in places where the unthinkable has occurred. This is community service in one of its most sensitive forms.

Crime Scene Cleanup Companies Offer Renewal

Crime scene cleanup is a need that arises more frequently than you’re probably thinking. Again, the need may not always be a murder or suicide, but it helps to know that you have friends and neighbors willing to take on those tragedies when they occur.

ZBM Inc. has committed itself to the Jefferson and Dodge county areas for a number of years. They have the skills, training, and certifications needed to tackle the most sensitive jobs, and they can do so quickly. 

Are you in the need of a crime scene cleanup? Or, perhaps you would simply like a partnership in the event that you ever need such services. Whatever the case, reach out to us today, and let us know about the maintenance that you need.

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