What to Consider Before Hiring Biohazard Cleanup Companies

Biohazards are building up. 15% of waste generated through medical activities is infectious or toxic. This number accounts for only a small amount of the biohazards generated every day. 

It is essential that you hire biohazard cleanup companies when there are biohazards near you. But you don’t want to rush and choose the wrong one. 

When should you call a biohazard company? How can you assess their experience and skills? What should you do to protect yourself from biohazards and inquisitive neighbors? 

Answer these questions and you can find responsible and respectful cleanup companies in Dodge County. Here is your quick guide. 

Your Welfare 

You are not obliged to call a biohazard cleanup company until you are ready. Coping with emotional and psychological trauma can take some time. Make sure to take care of yourself and talk to your loved ones. 

When you are ready to talk to crime scene cleanup companies, consider the effects of the biohazards on you. Think about what hazards there could be and how they can impact your health over time. If the hazard impacts your water supply, you may need new piping or flooring. 

The Circumstances

Each biohazard is different and poses its own threats to cleanup crews. E. coli can spread through contact, while ammonia can spread through the air. You should tell the company what they should expect if they come to you. 

You should also advise the company about any property damage or environmental factors. An exterior space may have uneven terrain or dangerous objects like broken glass. 

Employees at trauma cleanup companies do receive training for dealing with traumatic areas. But that does not mean that it is emotionally easy to clean up areas where dead bodies were. Be mindful of the emotional impact of the space you need help for. 

Police Investigations 

The police control access to a crime scene. Despite the presence of biohazards, they do not allow a crew to arrive until they have completed their investigation. Be prepared to wait several hours until the police have done their work. 

Police officers do not clean up the mess they have made. You may find caution tape, rubber gloves, and other materials in the room where the hazards are. Make sure to tell a company you hire that they need to clean these materials up. 

The police will remove certain things like weapons and dead bodies. But they do not clean up the mess themselves. This means that you must hire suicide cleanup companies as soon as they leave. 

Keep in mind that the police may need to visit the scene again. They may need to take photographs, or they may need to bring a jury through the area. A cleanup company should have enough time to work, but they should not completely change the room where a crime occurred. 


Experience is the most important quality you need to assess. Visit a company’s website and see how long they have been in business. 

Years of experience serve as a good benchmark, but you should look for further details. See what kinds of biohazards the company is experienced in. A company that specializes in crime scenes may not be good for cleaning up burst sewage pipes. 

If the company has a staff page, see how much experience each employee has. Take notice of what their certifications are like. Talk to an employee on the phone who may clean your area up and assess their experience. 

You don’t have to know the ins and outs of biohazard cleanup. Yet you should study the job responsibilities of cleanup companies and ask specific questions to people you may hire. If you get bad answers, move on to someone else. 


A good building cleaning company will have several types of insurance. They will carry liability insurance, which protects the company against false claims. They will also have worker’s compensation insurance in case one of their employees gets injured. 

A good company will extend a form of insurance to you. They will offer you coverage in case a worker damages or steals a piece of property you own. 

If a company does not have insurance for its employees, you should not do business with them. They may put their employees in dangerous situations and they may try to scam you. 


There are no formal confidentiality laws for cleanup companies. Yet many of them make a point of respecting the privacy of their clients. 

Death cleanup companies should not describe a crime or crime scene to anyone besides their clients. They should not go to the press with personal details. 

If they are cleaning up a biohazard outside, they should hang up a tarp. This will keep rain and snow from allowing chemicals and pathogens to seep underground. This will also limit how others can see the scene. 

A company should not ask you invasive questions about what happened. They may need to know certain details to keep their workers safe. But if you want to be left alone, a good company will leave you alone.  

Find the Best Biohazard Cleanup Companies

You can sort through your different biohazard cleanup companies. Take care of yourself before you give one a call. Evaluate what threats there may be and talk to the police before you get help for a crime scene. 

Find a company with experience in your hazard. Talk to the employees to make sure they have good skills. 

Find a company that offers insurance to its employees and for your belongings. The company should also understand and respect your privacy concerns. 

Reach out as soon as you are ready. ZBM Inc. serves the Watertown, Wisconsin area. Contact us today. 

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