Why are office floors stripped and waxed?

stripped and waxed building floorsDaily foot traffic can do a number on office floors, especially when debris, snow, and ice are tracked in by customers and employees. Rugs, regular mopping, and vacuuming can remove the debris, but floor maintenance is only a battle to keep floors safe and in peak condition.

What is floor stripping and waxing?

A floor finish protects the floor from the wear and tear of daily foot traffic. Floor stripping is the process of removing the finish. After stripping, floors are waxed to protect the floor and extend the life of the floor.

How often should floors be stripped and waxed?

The schedule for floor stripping and waxing depends on the amount and frequency of foot traffic. In a busy company, floor stripping and waxing should be scheduled monthly. When an interruption of company business and productivity is a concern, contact a commercial cleaner that can perform the floor stripping and waxing during off-hours (such as overnight or after business hours). For companies with light foot traffic, floor stripping and waxing can be done every 5-6 months.

Why should floors be stripped and waxed?

Floor stripping and waxing is a necessary part of building maintenance with several benefits:

  • Adds shine. Floor stripping and waxing gives floors a sheen, which plays an important role in creating a favorable first impression with customers and employees.
  • Extends floor life. A regularly scheduled floor waxing minimizes damage to floors, keeps floors in excellent condition, and extends the life of flooring. This important deep cleaning task lessens the need for and cost of new flooring.

When it’s time for a floor stripping and waxing, contact a local commercial cleaning service to find out options and get a quote. When trying to minimize disruptions to employee productivity and client visits, ask about scheduling the floor strip and wax for an evening, weekend, or overnight.

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