Why Disaster Restoration Is Important

Since 1980, the US has sustained 332 natural disasters. And what’s worse is the damage caused by these events totaled more than $2.2 trillion.

Once a disaster hits your home, you will need disaster restoration services. Disaster restoration is the process of returning a property to its pre-disaster condition. It’s essential to do it immediately to prevent further damage and ensure the property is safe to live in.

So if you’re a homeowner concerned about emergency restoration, keep reading. We explore why disaster restoration is so important and why you should get to it immediately.

What Is Disaster Restoration?

Disaster restoration is the process of repairing damage caused by disasters. These can be in the form of flooding, tornados, fires, or storms. Storm damage restoration is a job best left to the professionals, as it can be a dangerous undertaking, and DIY is not recommended.

Disaster restoration companies train their technicians in safety precautions, which are adhered to when dealing with significant repairs. Disaster restoration services can include:

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage can be very hazardous to tackle. Services for smoke and fire damage restoration include:

  • Removing debris and soot
  • Cleaning affected areas thoroughly
  • Repairing structural damage

Flood and Water Damage Restoration

Flood and water damage services often include:

  • Pumping out excess water
  • Removing furniture and appliances
  • Cleaning the area
  • Noting structural damage

Storm Damage Restoration

While only some states are affected by tornados, intense storms can hit anywhere. Storm damage restoration can include:

  • Emergency board up
  • Putting up barrier fences
  • Installing tarps

Mold Damage and Remediation Services

Finally, buildings that suffer damage from water and flooding are highly likely to suffer residual mold damage. Mold damage and remediation services include professional mold cleanup to remove all mold to ensure the safety of the residents.

When To Hire Disaster Restoration Services

It’s recommended to contact disaster restoration services immediately after you have suffered from disasters like fire damage, flooding, and storm damage. Regardless of the job size, calling in professionals is strongly encouraged.

Most restoration companies will offer an immediate emergency response procedure if you’re looking for emergency restoration. This typically includes skilled and certified technician who is available 24/7. Once hired, they will come and assess the level of damage your property has sustained.

If you have home or renter’s insurance, it’s a good idea also to contact your insurance company and inform them of the damage.

Why Professional Disaster Restoration is Important

It may be obvious, but it’s natural for people to try to save money by doing some work themselves. Still, there are several reasons why you should rely on professional disaster restoration. Let’s review some reasons now.

Correct Skills and Knowledge

Hiring professional disaster restoration technicians means they will have the required certification to assess the damage and make repair recommendations that won’t cause further damage.

Time Is of the Essence

Once your home has sustained storm, fire, or water damage, there is no telling how badly your property is damaged. However, if you leave it too long before calling for emergency restoration, you risk significant complications, meaning the job becomes more expensive to repair.

By calling in the professionals immediately after the damage has occurred, you have a greater chance of saving everything, or at least a significant portion.

You Risk Your Safety 

If you attempt to do any cleanup and restoration on your own, you risk putting your health at risk and the health of anyone untrained also helping you. In addition, depending on the damage caused, emergencies like fire and flooding can cause structural damage leaving the building compromised.

By calling in disaster restoration services, you can trust they know how to navigate the situation and save what can be salvaged safely.

They Have The Necessary Tools

No matter how much of a handyperson you are, the chances are high that you won’t have all the necessary equipment to make significant repairs to your home. However, disaster restoration companies will have access to all these tools; if they don’t, they will have more resources available to hire the rest.

Repair Time Is Shortened

Depending on the damage caused by the disaster, repairs may take some time. You risk seriously compromising this time factor if you try to take on the emergency repairs yourself.

If you don’t have all the knowledge needed to take on such a repair job, the repairs will take longer than if you had called in for emergency restoration.

Know All The Costs

If there is a lot of damage done to the property, hiring professional restoration services allows you to get a good idea of the repair costs ahead of time.

When you enlist the help of skilled individuals, they can adequately assess the damage and quote on the repairs. This will give you a good indication of what the final repair cost is going to be. If you attempt the repairs yourself, you may not consider all the charges and be left with some costly repairs you didn’t budget for.

It’s Better For Your Insurance

If you have home insurance, you’ll want them to pay for the repairs when your home is hit with a disaster such as a fire or water crisis. If you DIY the job yourself, most insurance companies won’t accept this, whereas if you get professionals in to quote, you’ll likely be covered by insurance.

Pro Tip: Document as much as possible by taking photos of possessions damaged by the disaster, then present these to your insurance company once asked

Be On Top Of Your Emergency Restoration Needs

A disaster can strike anytime, and it doesn’t distinguish between victims. However, properly handling the fire or water crisis makes all the difference in losing some things and everything. Calling in disaster restoration services may seem costly from the outlay, but using professional services will save you time and money in the long run.

If you’ve suffered from a home disaster and you need disaster restoration service in the Dodge and Jefferson Counties of Wisconsin, contact us today to assist. We are committed to providing our customers with the best solution for full-service needs. 

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