10 Quick Home Cleaning Tips from a Top Wisconsin Cleaning Service

Due to COVID-19, we’re all cooking and living more in our homes these days—and our homes show it. That’s why we’ve put together this list of fast home cleaning tips for a busy household that can help keep a home clean during the pandemic—and beyond.  

Start cleaning before you start cleaning.

This may sound contradictory, but the easiest way to start cleaning your house—and get done—is to pick up items from the rooms before you start scrubbing and wiping. Luckily, this step is very simple! Just go from room to room and pick up any items that are on the floor, tables, and furniture.

Clean from ceiling to floor.

Dust settles downward, which is why this fast cleaning tip is a must for anyone who doesn’t want to clean the same room twice. When cleaning, always start cleaning at the top of the room—on the top of cabinets or on ceiling fan blades—and work your way to the floor.

Regularly sweep.

It’s amazing how dirty floors can get when everyone is home, making a regular sweep or dry mop a must. An occasional mop (dry or wet) keeps floors looking new (but always should be done after a sweep). If you want to minimize the amount of sweeping that needs to be done, place rugs by all exterior doors and train pets to stop on the rugs while you wipe their paws.

Make a list of tasks for faster and more efficient cleaning.

One of the most efficient ways to quickly get all those cleaning tasks done is to make a cleaning list. This simple step makes it easy to go from task to task without pausing or wasting time. (This home cleaning checklist can get you started.)

Carry cleaning supplies with you as you go.

An easy way to save time during home cleaning is to assemble and carry cleaning supplies from room to room. This helps homeowners save time because they don’t have to make repeated trips to retrieve cleaning products, sponges, and rags.

Make sure your cleaning products won’t damage surfaces.

Home cleaning comes with a list of do’s and don’ts. One of the key don’ts is to never use a new product on your flooring or surface without testing it in a safe area. Unfortunately, some cleaners can be incredibly abrasive and actually do damage to a countertop, floor, or other area. The test can be done on a swatch of carpet in a closet or on a sample. Either way, the results is to have a clean home without damaging any part of it.

Divide up the long list of cleaning tasks.

The list of pandemic cleaning tasks can feel overwhelming—without any end. The best way to keep up with that long list is to divvy up the tasks among family members. If the list gets too long or time gets short, contact a Wisconsin cleaning service with a list of cleaning tasks you don’t have time to tackle.

Disinfect commonly touched surfaces.

Disinfection and sanitizing have become the new normal. When home cleaning, use disinfection products on commonly touched surfaces like faucets, toilets, door knobs, and handles. Don’t forget to add commonly used items (TV remotes!) to the list. If there are sanitizing stations in your home, refill and restock products frequently.

Vacuum last.

If you use a vacuum, make vacuuming the last cleaning item on the list. Once you’ve cleaned the entire home, run the vacuum from one side to the other.

Bring in the pros (safely).

If you need help with home cleaning, contact a cleaning service that offers quality home cleaning services. Ask your Wisconsin home cleaning service a few key questions about their cleaning services, along with pandemic-specific questions (i.e. about cleaners wearing masks, if their temperatures are checked, can they use disinfectants, etc.) Once they are done, enjoy the results: a safe, clean home.

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