Your Complete 20 Step Company Restroom Cleaning Checklist

restroom signs pointing to bathroom where cleaners used restroom cleaning checklistIf cleanliness is next to godliness as the old saying goes, a clean company restroom is next to necessity.  A thoroughly clean and disinfected restroom is necessary for employee health and productivity, as well as creating a favorable impression with guests and clients.  To help you achieve all that and more, we’ve compiled a 20 step checklist that can be used to make sure your staff has a complete clean, to make sure your cleaning service is doing the full job, or to give to your new cleaning service to ensure that your restroom is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

___Clean and disinfect countertop and faucet handles.

___Wash out sinks.

___Clean mirrors.

___Dust and clean paper towel dispenser.

___Dust and wipe down hand dryers.

___Wipe down and disinfect trash receptacles in stalls.

___Clean exterior of toilets.

___Disinfect toilet handles.

___Thoroughly wash urinals.

___Clean toilet bowls.

___Wash bathroom stall walls.

___Dust and clean air duct covers.

___Clean baseboards.

___Dust and clean light fixtures and fans.

___Check all light bulbs & replace bulbs that are burned out.

___Wash walls and ceiling.

___Clean grout between tiles and drain covers.

___Mop floors.

___Restock restroom supplies (i.e. soap, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.).

___Take out all trashes (i.e. stall, main trash, etc.).

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