Your Complete Home Office Cleaning Checklist

Young business woman sitting at her desk in office with her legs on the desk. Caucasian female relaxing and looking up in home officeSometimes it can feel like we live in our home office, which is probably why our home work spaces are common residences for cobwebs, dust, and even (gasp!) germs. Computer keyboards, file cabinets, and printers can get incredibly dirty from all those long hours and all-nighters.

The old saying, “time is money” definitely applies to dirty home offices. Those hours cleaning an office aren’t billable, but they can be invaluable for keeping an office clean and organized. When time for home office cleaning is short, don’t hesitate to add it to the home cleaning list for your home cleaners. Your home cleaner can use this checklist, or use their own tips and tricks for an efficient and professional deep clean.

Home Office Cleaning Checklist

Overall Office Cleaning

___ Clear away clutter, such as pens and piles of paper

___ Clean light fixtures

___ Dust fan blades on ceiling fans

___ Clean windows

___ Dust window sills and trim

___ Launder curtains and drapes

___ Vacuum and dust blinds

___ Deep clean flooring

___ Wipe down rug protectors/chair mats

___ Vacuum and clean rugs

___ Empty wastebaskets and recycle bins

___ Vacuum closets

___ Deep clean coffee makers and sanitize controls

Office Furniture

___ Remove books and items from bookshelves

___ Dust bookshelves

___ Dust top of cabinets

___ Clean file cabinet doors

___ Dust desktop

___ Clean table tops and other workspaces

___ Vacuum between office furniture and the wall

___ Wipe down and vacuum desk chair

___ Empty refrigerator

___ Clean top and sides of refrigerator

___ Wipe down shelves and refrigerator drawers

Office Tools

___ Wipe down staplers and other desktop items

___ Clean monitors and screens

___ Sanitize computer mouse

___ Clean keyboard (use these instructions for safe keyboard cleaning)

___ Sanitize key pads and controls on printers, scanners, fax machines, and other IT equipment

___ Clean telephones, headsets, and ear buds

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