10 Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Service

Hiring a commercial cleaning service isn’t an extensive process, but does require an interview and contract review. The right commercial cleaning service meets a company’s needs and budget, and can be found by asking a commercial cleaning service the right questions.

Do you have experience cleaning commercial buildings? How long have you been in business?

This question relates to a company’s experience, both in the number of years and the exact nature of their business. Ideally, the right commercial cleaning company should have extensive experience cleaning commercial facilities (as opposed to experience only in residential cleaning).

Do you carry insurance? Can you provide proof?

Every vendor performing service on another property should have insurance, including a commercial cleaning service. While this may seem like a small detail, insurance protects both parties in case of property damage, a work-related injury, or any other incident.  

What is the cost of service? Can you provide a quote for this list of cleaning services?

The cost of a commercial cleaning services is typically dependent on the kind of services and amount of time needed for the tasks. While a service can give some estimation of costs, its helpful to start the cleaning quote process with a list of cleaning tasks needed at the facility, as well as the ideal time of service (i.e. during the day, after hours, etc.) This is also a time to mention any special needs, such as regular sanitation and disinfection required at the facility.    

Can you clean a facility during off-hours (evening or overnight if needed)?

Some facilities require cleaning after-hours for minimal productivity interruptions. If this is required, the question should be asked up-front to ensure that the service can provide services when needed.

Are all employees background checked?

Often cleaning services may use multiple staff members to clean a company. This is both an advantage and area of concern. A well-trained and versatile cleaning crew is an invaluable part of keeping a facility clean without staffing concerns and costs. However, there is always a risk with bringing external personnel on a premise; a background check can address any security concerns.

Do we need to provide cleaning products?

This part of cleaning is different for every company. Some companies provide their own cleaning products, while others rely on a commercial cleaning service for cleaning and restroom products. Some commercial services offer maintenance and day porter services, which can be included in the quote.

Who do we contact if we have issues with the cleaning services?

Communication is an important part of a commercial cleaning service-company agreement. During initial conversations, it is important to ask the commercial cleaning company for their standard operating procedures for addressing and resolving issues.

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